Top Form Builder for WordPress in 2021

If you run a WordPress website, you will need a contact form to help collect data from your site users as per your requirement. And with the best form builder, you can create simple and complex forms based on what you require.

Besides contacting you after visiting your website, having a form on your website allows the site users to sign up for your newsletters. They may also allow filling out of survey where necessary.

Best form builder for WordPress website 


If you are a beginner in WordPress websites and looking for the best form builder, you can consider WPForms. It’s a user-friendly plugin with a powerful drag and drop form builder.

You can use WPForms to create eye-catching WordPress forms with few minutes and without touching a line of code.

Do you want a basic contact form or complex forms like polls, surveys, and registration forms? You can trust on WPForms for the best results. 

Main features of WPForms

  • Allows easy lead management and submission
  • Offer advanced fields such as file upload
  • Customized email notifications
  • It’s a user-friendly form builder through drag and drops
  • Offers more than 100 templates for form creation. 

Formidable form builder

You have the best form builder with formidable if you’re looking for an advanced WordPress plugin for creating complex forms. Besides data collection from your website users, this plugin helps to display submissions on your site’s front end.

When using the formidable forms plugin, you’re able to collect data, display, edit and even filter the user-submitted data without using additional plugins.

Ninja form builder

Ninja forms plugin will be the best form builder if you want quick solutions. The plugin helps you to create forms through a drag and drop setup. That means you are not required to be tech-savvy to create attractive forms for your website.

Ninja plugin has a user-friendly interface suitable for a beginner. You will enjoy customization options, dedicated fields, pre-built templates, and spam management features of the ninja form builder. 

Ultimate form builder

This is among the best form builder plugins you can apply to created unlimited responsive contact forms. The plugin has several predesigned form templates to select from.

The ultimate form builder plugin is an easy-to-use tool, and you can use it for creating both complex and simple contact forms. Even when your background knowledge has nothing to do with coding, you can apply this plugin for form building. 

The plugin provides single-step as well as multistep support depending on what you need. Whether you want to create quotation forms, survey, call to action, option or contact us forms, the ultimate will be the best form builder to use. 

Pabbly form builder

Maybe, you want an easy-to-use form builder that is efficient and affordable. You will never be wrong with the pebbly plugin.

Unlike other form building tools, pabbly offer you unlimited features such as storage, uses, and file uploads at a friendly price.

Some of the features you will enjoy when using the pabbly plugin include form scheduling, advanced conditional logic, custom brand, and form analytics. And that makes pabbly one of the best form builder plugins for perfect form creation.


Does your website need subscription forms, sign-up, multicolumn, pop-up, or contact forms? ARForms will be the best form builder to use.

The plugin is easy to use, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use and create even complex forms. ARForms plugin provides great features, which include the real-time editor where you can use drag and drop setup to see the live preview.

Here are other features you will enjoy from the ARForms plugin 

  • In-built analytics where you see views and form entries
  • Fully responsive forms
  • Auto-Save form progress
  • Pre-built form design samples
  • Logic performance of different actions
  • Mathematical calculations.


Third-party apps are very common today, and when looking for the best form builder plugin, you need to get the one that integrates well with those apps. That’s why you can opt for the Formstack plugin.

The plugin allows you to create good forms within a short time due to the plugin’s drag and drop interface. Formstack interface is clean and modern, which makes it easy and fun when building forms.

Contact form 7

Today, contact form 7 is the most widely used WordPress plugin. Though the plugin has been around for a long, it offers amazing third-party add-ons that make the creation of forms perfect. The only drawback of using this plugin is that you need knowledge about HTML tags for you to create a form using it.

Gravity forms plugin

Growing your business and be easier with the best form builder plugins and gravity plugin is among the best for that purpose. The plugin helps to collect payment and generation leads which promotes business growth.

Gravity forms plugin can integrate with zipier and HubSpot, and that allows connection with many different apps.


You need the best form builder to create responsive forms for your WordPress website. The forms help to co’llect vital data based on what you need. It’s easier to use form builder plugins even to conduct a poll online, for money collection, or the survey. Ant of the above plugins will be helpful in intuitive forms for lead generation 

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