The Cosmopolitan City of Bangalore and its Top International Schools

Bangalore, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world is home to many international schools which cater to parents of different countries who have come here to work or settle down and also to students who want to have an education that will be globally accepted. International schools not only open you to a brand new world but it makes the point of view of the parents and as well as the students global and that comes extremely handy if in the future the child wants to settle down abroad. 

Since this city has so many international schools it often is quite confusing and difficult to find the ones that are surely worthy of your money and your child’s future. This article will help you to understand and choose in a better way which institution would be suitable for your little one.

Indus International School

Indus is known as one of the best international schools in bangalore and it is relatively a new name in the sphere of education. The few reasons why this school is so successful would be their unique approach of studying, out of the box pedagogy, their 40 acre campus, technologically advanced infrastructure and also the fact that the management of the school is pretty stringent about providing individual attention to each child, ensuring that they get personal care from school authorities every time. 

This is a coeducational school that offers day schooling and boarding school options to its students right from the level of Reception till the grade XII. Following the IB curriculum through and through, it is a truly International School with global approach and international standards to be maintained in every sphere of the school. The grandeur of the school is reflected by all the facilities that it provides its students which includes a stunning  auditorium, transportation, and e-library, gym, cafeteria etcetera.


There is no limitation of nationality, race, origin, gender, creed or cast to seek admission in this school. The process of admission is extremely simple and it starts with an enquiry about the school fees Bangalore which you could do over the phone, by sending an email or just personally dropping by the school. In case if you wish to visit the campus then scheduling an appointment prior to your visit would be an ideal step to take. The 3 step process of admission can also be tracked through an online app developed by the school for transparency and convenience.

The school invites applications from all students regardless of nationality, origin, race, gender, caste or creed. quite simple to begin with, the admission process starts with the parents enquiring about the school. You can do this online or on the phone. Alternatively, you can visit the campus after scheduling an appointment. A three-step procedure, the admission can be tracked online.

Global Indian International School

This school, often ranked as the best international school in bangalore, offers students an extremely unique approach to work towards a rigorous curriculum, which is the foundation of all their courses. All the instructors from the school work towards providing innovative, educational experiences that would not only help to enhance the overall educational experiences but also encourage them to develop their personality in the universal way. This is the priority of the school – the wellbeing of the students and the parents. 


Students from all over the world can enrol themselves at the globally renowned campuses of GIIS Bangalore.

The admission process is cleanly divided into 5 steps
1. Contact the school
2. Campus Visit
3. Submit Application Form
4. Payment of Term 1 Fees
5. Documentation

 Stonehill International School

Stonehill International School, strategically located in North Bangalore, is a 34 acre campus, that is purpose built in nature. This provides an excellent advantage for out of the station borders because the school campus is just 20 minutes away from the International Airport. Following the IB curriculum, Stonehill is an IB world school and it offers admission to the children right from preschool. This school boasts of a faculty that is extremely diverse and the aim is to provide an education that is value based and tells them about the different cultures of the world, wherever they hail from. 

A day-cum-residential, Stonehilll, is a co-educational school which has facilities which are of international standard, like the 24/7 clinic, AC buses, dining, healthcare, fitness etc. 


Open throughout the year, admissions in Stonehill are made to accommodate students who come here at odd timings because of the transfer of their parents or other related reasons. Only the higher grade students have to undergo an entrance test. In case if you want more details on this you can always get in touch with the school. The school has an online enrollment form which you can fill up before coming to the campus and from there you can take things forward. You can also visit the campus in case you want to gain more pertinent information about the infrastructure, school fees bangalore and teaching methodology before you make a decision. 

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