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Kedarkantha’s Complete Guide

You have probably searched for a winter trek or a snow trail in India and found our details page for Kedarkantha. In reality, it is India’s most famous winter trek. The Kedarkantha peak at ~3810m/12,500ft is a low mountain peak at 31.02257° N & Longitude of 78.17185° E. The pitch and path are at the outskirts of Uttarakhand, Govind National Park.

It is on the western side of the district of Uttarkashi, which is bordered by Himachal Pradesh, its neighboring state. The place is, of course, surrounded by Shivalik hills and approaches the high snow peaks of the Himalayan. A 360° panorama is visible from the top, very rare at sunrise.

One of the finest climbing summits for beginners

A 6-day trip to the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand (not to be confused with the popular KedarKantha Temple) is a (6 when including the travel days from Dehradun to the base camp and back). Kedarkantha is easily one of India’s most popular hikes – popular with seasoned hikers as well as beginners.

It is a popular trip in the Indian Himalayas for many reasons. The main one is this — the climb to the top.

The Kedarkantha summit climb is very enjoyable. The summit is wide directly from the base camp of the walk. The world opens up around you as you start your journey in the early hours and climb steadily up the steep slope.

It’s not easy to climb. It is steadily steep all the way. It’s also difficult as you get closer to the top. However, the big mountains of the Himalayas are still with you until you reach the summit finally.

You feel a strong sense of satisfaction and achievement as you stretch out and take views of the Himalayas from the summit. It’s a unique sensation.

Very few hikes offer the same adventure which makes it popular for its best climbs among beginners.

Other than the summit, for its beautiful lights, the trek is also unique. Very rarely, a trek will make way for some resting places and beautiful camping sites with stunning clearings. On all the different routes, this trek is full of clearings. In addition, the clearings are at the right place to enjoy the trek and its views in a beautiful way.

The third major reason for this trek is its beautiful forests. All three roads have lovely diverse forests in which you are totally immersed. You’ll get lost in it if you’re not careful (in a good way).

What I like about Kedarkantha

The drive to the base camp

It’s one of the best routes you’ve ever got to walk. You will stay along the 18 km stretch of the dense pine forest after Purola and along the River Tons along the Mori valley. Don’t miss watching them out.

The Homestays

When you walk with Indiahikes, you have to enjoy it. You’ll rarely experience the living conditions of the locals. You can see it in this trek. In two villages, Gaichawan Gaon and Gaichwangaon, you spend your first and last night at home in your home country.

While close together, their homes look different and their lifestyles are somewhat different. They’re different. You can experience it in close proximity.

 The Forests

You will feel that sense of unity with your environment stronger when you are in the Kedarkantha forests, especially on the Gaichwangaonto summit stretch.

Many factors bring this about: 

The forests are the least traveled along this stretch. Besides the villagers, this route is just for our hikers. So this road has remained unchanged in many ways. Indeed, you can easily get lost if you’re not careful.

This stretch of the forest has an intact wilderness, unlike the other forests, where the forest looks almost manicured and arranged. When you enter it, you will feel it strongly.

It is a very dense and immersive forest. The sun is hiding and seeking, making it all the more magical.

It’s different, too. You’ll see more trees and shrubs together with Deodar, Pine, and Oak, which you can’t see on the opposite side.

One of my most favorite forests I have ever walked into is Gaichwangaon Forest to the summit. This section has a very surreal feeling due to its diversity, contrasting colors, density. I’d be very glad this trek for these forests again and again. However, some of the most wonderful forests climb in the Himalayas can still be found on the other sides of Kedarkantha.

The Clearings

On all sides, Kedarkantha has a lot of these clearings. Such clearings do not offer another trek. I’ve been doing nearly 11 treks and I still have to find a trek that has such lovely clearings.

It’s a trek throughout the Himalayas, where there are no campgrounds. Indeed, these clearings one of the reasons we were able to open several routes in this trek.

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