Reasons To Do Leh Bike Trip Guide 2021-22

What is the most important thing about travelling? I think a real traveller will say the thrill of the journey,  but the thrill will be incomplete for one if they didn’t visit Leh on their bikes. The land of high passes, tough terrains, barren lands, pristine blue lakes, gigantic mountains and scenic view are the perks of during the road trip to leh. So it’s time to cure the wanderlust itching while going on the trip to Leh with  the biker gang and experience the real and insightful verdure atmosphere all over. There are many more reasons for you to take the most enchanting bike ride of your life.

For the boundless beauty of ladakh treks and passes

The never ending mountains and the road meandering through them is the nevertheless view and the tireless ride on bike through these roads is just an undeniable experience and the roads here will lead you to some of the highest motorable mountains passes. An odyssey through Khardung la to Nubra Valley and pavement through leh to Srinagar are some of the finest routes in ladakh to experience the real thrill of a bike trip on the way to leh. 

Chadar trek, Markha valley trek and Tso-moriri trek are some of the prestigious treks of ladakh. These astonishing treks are there on the to-do list of every enthusiastic trekker. The admiring beauty of this place will force you to stay here forever. Ladakh being called the roof of the world is also the most beautiful place of the world. This is the place where the landscape wears the colour of nature which makes the bike trip more fascinating for the riders.

The Excellence of Starry Nights and the campaign by the side of pristine blue lake 

Nights in ladakh is a different experience, the star shines on your head and nights here talk more about the hidden beauty of ladakh in the dark. The sky looks more beautiful when it glows up with the shine of stars. 

The pristine blue lake is one of the attractions for tourists where you will get stuck and just can’t stop admiring nature. The Pangong lake is famous for its beauty and the dramatic blue colour of water. This place was recently noticed by the tourist. The famous gala festival is organized for ice skating over the frozen lake. The campaign by the side of pangong lake is a mesmerizing feeling, when you step out of your tent and get the picturesque view of the sky full of stars and the reflected glowing water of the lake. 

Bike Trip 

Every bike lover, disregarding the gender, aspires to go on a Leh Ladakh bike trip once in their lifetime. While they fantasise about an unblemished expedition, the actuality does come into contact with a lot of imperfections. In a nutshell, going on a Ladakh bike tour is all about the positive vibes and the everlasting spirit of a rider. The Best time to visit Leh Ladakh is during the summer season from the month of April to July. The ride through the bleak mountains is just a welcoming experience for every person sitting on that bike and talking to nature about its beauty. 

The Tradition of Ladakh 

Shey, Thiskey, Matho and Phyang are some of the old and traditional monasteries in Ladakh and tell you about the customs and traditions of ladakhi people. Get a chance to visit the place during the time of festivals: Losar, Hemis and Naro Nasjal where you get the atmosphere with an extra layer of happiness after experiencing insightful traditional dance and music which will lead your soul in a state of trance and peace. 

On the way to Ladakh you will get a chance to find some hidden delectable Indo-Tibetan cuisine. The traditional thukpa and delicious freshly steamed momos with the natural and exotic chilli flavour makes it toothsome. The spice will help you to keep your body warm in the freezing temperature.

The Pull of Magnetic Hill

Is it for real? Why don’t you just try yourself as the board there indicates you to shut your engine down and put your car on neutral, then see how it blows up your mind when your car will climb up the hill at the speed of 10-20 kmph. This all happens because of the strong magnetic properties of the hill. This place is located 30 kms from leh. 

Bikers visit this place to climb the hill for the scenic and admirable sheer glory of nature which make the landscape a picture perfect shot for the riders. Well now I don’t think so after all this even you guys want to miss the perfect bike trip of your life. So, get your bikes oiled for the circuit of leh ladakh.

May Have a great trip, we try more to provide you better blogs !

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