Protect Your Family With RO Water Purifier

According to the environmentalists, the condition of the water that we consume contains numerous impurities that hamper our health and well-being. Due to the high industrial growth, the amount of water polluted by chemical waste is immeasurable. The living organisms, such as bacteria, and viruses in the water, make it difficult for us to lead a healthy life.

Many water suppliers provide us with boring water that contains a high amount of contamination. Since safe drinking ensures the health of our family and friends, getting a water purifier is of utmost necessity.

Consuming contaminated water can lead to various diseases, such as hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, stomach problems, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, and much more. Contaminated water can carry harmful substances, such as TDS, suspended particles, Dangerous chemical waste, and many other harmful bacteria, biological microbes. There can be many microorganisms present in water that are harmful to us.

Dumping garbage, plastics onto the water only decreases the state of natural water. To eliminate existing bacteria and viruses, water purifiers should be used.

Effective Water Purification

With the increase in water contamination, water purifiers play a pivotal role in providing us pure and bacteria-free water. But it can be arduous to choose the correct water purifier. RO service Gurgaon is the most common and effective way to deal with such contaminations.

With technological innovations in the modern purification process, RO filters are the most common to own. They add to the aesthetics of your kitchen and also provide contamination-free water. As they say, the heart of a water purifier lies in its solid filters. An RO filter with its RO membrane eliminates the ions and unwanted molecules from water.

RO Water Purifier 

RO purifier or the reverse osmosis purifier offers a multi-stage filtration of water. It combines active carbon and particle filtration. This filter eliminates the dangerous microbes and impurities through very small-sized pores. Below are some of the perks of using the RO filter.

  • Say Goodbye To The Diseases 

More than 70% of urban areas suffer from contaminated water. Seventy of them rely on tap water and almost 25% on groundwater. These can carry several microbes, bacteria, viruses. The water that we receive from tap water often comes from corroded pipelines, thereby increasing the chances of contamination. It has been seen that tap water and ground contain huge amounts of iron that can be detrimental to health. Excessive minerals in water do harm to our health. Experts feel that using RO filters can prevent such chances of water-borne diseases.

  • Increase The Taste Of Water 

It often happens that the impurities in the water influence the flavor of the water, thereby changing the taste of the food we eat. RO water purifier service can solve that problem. If the water is salty, then the chances are that the water has a high concentration of TDS or total dissolved solids, like sodium, calcium, potassium, etc. RO helps to reduce excess TDS and sweetens the taste of the water while retaining the vitalities. 

Removing A Higher Level Of Contaminants 

A recent study shows that the quality of tap and groundwater has deteriorated considerably. It is unsafe now to drink directly without purifying it first. It is not possible to always boil water before drinking. Contaminants, such as high nitrate levels, heavy metals, pesticides, can deal with severe health issues. It can even lead to diseases like cancer and lead poisoning. RO purification is an effective way to eliminate such heavy metals and chemicals as fluoride, arsenic, lead, mercury. All the contaminants are filtered through the RO filter, making it 100% safe for consumption. 

  • Added Protection 

RO purification adds an extra layer of protection than UF and UV, as it can eliminate even the tiniest microbe that could bypass other filter technology. RO coupled with UV filtration ensures safe drinking water free of any contaminations. 

  • Obvious Health Benefits 

Pure water is good for digestion and kidney. Drinking pure water keeps us hydrated and energetic. It also has benefits for the skin. 

  • RO Membrane

The essential RO filter is the RO membrane, which, with its thin layer, lets only the safe and pure water pass, leaving behind all the unwanted pathogens.

Necessity Of Servicing

Since water purifiers are very common to have, be it residential, commercial, or industrial sites, we need a water purifier to protect our health from all impurities.

But to maintain it, we need to do servicing every once in a while. A filter is the water purifier’s defense system. That’s why it’s essential to maintain and change filters on time.

 It’s highly recommended to change the sediment, carbon, and DI cartridges every six to eight months. It is also important to change the RO membrane every 2-3 years. If a person can do regular Water purifier service, then the longevity of the machine increases.

When a water purifier is used regularly, the filter may clog, or the pores might get blocked. It is important to consult a professional engineer for constant water purifier service. A consumer may also apply for AMC. Signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract has become essential to avoid all unforeseen issues.

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