Best Ways to Make Your Webinars More Audience-Centric

Once you decide to host a webinar ask a simple question to yourself, why are you doing it?

Well everyone is well aware of the fact that webinars are used by organizations and brands worldwide for marketing. Whether you want to generate new qualified leads or boost your sales, webinars work well for both cases. But, the major mistakes done by marketers are making the webinar all about the business. Thus resulting in the fall of well-crafted webinars.

Definitely, you want to promote your webinar to make noise about your business. But an over promotional content is a big-time turn-off for attendees. Your attendees are your prime target once you decide to host a webinar. Hosting a webinar that values attendees’ needs and is more attendee-centric is likely to be successful. However, overpromoting your business with a webinar is not good for you and your business. A webinar that is likely to engage attendees effortlessly, offer them value, and educate them in the most exciting way is likely to be successful. A webinar that aligns with your potential attendee’s interest & goals will never leave your attendees disappointed.

Determining the objective of hosting a webinar and meeting attendees’ needs with it results in fostering long-term relationships with potential attendees. Whether you want to drive new leads, attract potential customers, or boost sales, making your webinars audience-centric delivers optimal results.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best ways to make your webinars more audience-centric. So, without wasting any further time let’s dig in!

Effective Ways To Make Your Webinars More Audience-Centric

1. Determine your potential target audience

Once you plan to host and promote your webinar, having a clear understanding of your audience is a must. However, it will help in curating content for a webinar that aligns with attendees’ interests. Once you know your audience, you are likely to create a promotion strategy accordingly. To promote your upcoming webinars you can leverage social media channels that have the presence of your target attendees. Additionally, you can even push emails to your target audience. If you are well aware of your target audience and their preferences the work becomes much easier. You can optimize the content of your webinar accordingly that delivers value to them.

2. Do a pre-webinar survey and take questions in advance

Sending a pre-webinar survey offers many merits. It helps in gaining a better understanding of your audience and their expectations out of the webinar. You can opt to send the pre-webinar survey just before an hour of the event or send it along with email confirmation. It offers an insight into attendees’ expectations out of the event and tailors the content accordingly. Additionally, on your event registration page allow attendees to submit questions and topics that interest them in advance. Address those questions during the webinar to offer value to them and engage them effortlessly.

3. Organize polls for attendees

Most webinars hold one-way communication where the speaker addresses the attendees. Sounds boring right! Leverage the most engaging features and let the communication flow either way. Organize polls and engage your attendees instantly with Live polls. Along with engaging attendees, it helps in gaining a better understanding of their perspective. It helps in gaining a better understanding of what attendees enjoy and whatnot. 

4. Utilize Live audio/video chats

Make use of live chat functionality during live sessions to gain a better understanding of your attendees. It will help organizers to gain access to attendee’s goals, pain points, interests, and much more by having conversations in real-time. Additionally, live chats will help in breaking the ice and keeping attendees engaged with the webinars. 

5. Motivate your attendees to interact with other attendees

Encourage your attendees to interact with each other during the webinars by organizing a breakout session. Allow your attendees to divide into groups and have free-flowing discussions in breakout rooms. Additionally, you can opt to equip breakout rooms with various engaging and interactive features to boost attendee engagements.

6. A mobile-friendly webinar always work

Make your webinars mobile-friendly that can be accessed by any smartphone. An event that can be accessed on a mobile phone has many views and attendance when compared to events that are only accessible via desktop and laptops. A webinar that is mobile-friendly can be accessed by attendees even when they do not have any access to their laptops. It enables diverse attendees to be a part of your webinars from wherever they are thus making it audience-centric. It enables more and more attendees to be a part of your webinar thus boosting attendance, engagements, leads, and revenues.

7. Curate dynamic and compelling content for webinar

To make your webinars audience-centric, curating compelling and engaging content is a must. Integrate various engaging features into your webinars to boost excitement and engage your attendees effortlessly. If your webinar is monotonous, your attendees are not likely to engage with your content. Integrate engaging features in your webinar and optimize the content that best matches the attendee’s interest to gain the maximum out of your webinars.

8. Be real to impress attendees

Keep the flow of your webinars natural to impress your attendees instantly. Make sure the speakers are well aware of the event topic to prepare accordingly and engage attendees during the webinar.

9. Motivate attendees to submit questions and interact

During the ongoing webinar, motivate your attendees to submit questions. Address all the interesting and most relevant questions sent by attendees by organizing Q&A. It will help in boosting engagements at the webinar effortlessly. Additionally, allow your attendees to raise a hand during the webinar session and ask a question directly to the speaker. It helps in ensuring that your attendees are completely involved with the webinar. However, if your attendees are involved with your webinar it delivers value to them and meets their requirements.

10. Use real-time event analytics in your favor

Any webinar software and platform offers you real-time event analytics functionality. It offers complete metrics of your webinar in real-time that helps in measuring the success and performance of your webinar. Right from giving a complete insight into attendee engagement percentage to what they interacted with, to time spent in attending a single session each and every move of digital attendees are tracked. Use the event analytics in your favor and work upon the impediments and event aspects that are lacking for future webinars. By gathering the event analytics you can create an effective strategy for an upcoming webinar and maximize your ROI effectively.

11. Do not skip on follow-up post-webinar

The major mistake made by many organizers is, they skip on post-event follow-ups. Make sure to keep your conversations flow even after your webinar gets over. Once your webinar ends, follow up with your attendees immediately. You can send them a push-feedback form, emails to follow up, send a webinar recording, and much more. Send them a thank you note via email for being a part of the webinar. Thus leaving them to feel valued and appreciated. However, you can invite ideas and suggestions from your attendees for future webinars. Additionally, share your success stories on social media profiles thus reaching a more diverse set of attendees globally.

Over to you

If you want to make your webinar successful and achieve optimal results out of it, make your webinars more audience-centric. Buckle up yourself and fit in the audience’s shoes to gain a better understanding. In the above-mentioned article, we have amalgamated the most brilliant ways to make your webinars stand out. Follow the tips mentioned above and host a successful webinar that delivers outstanding results!

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