Tips to Develop an on-demand Laundry mobile app


Today’s busy life is leading the people to complete their housework from a third party. This trend has driven the growth of the online on-demand household service market. The greatest beneficiaries of the evolving on-demand economy are household work like home services, Cooking food, and cab services.

Another such development that has taken place to the list is an on-demand Laundry Mobile App. They are the complete chain of washing, dry cleaning, and ironing services. They also offer additional services like easy booking, and pick-up, and doorstep laundry delivery, along with the options of selecting the washing powder and the type of washing.

3 Reasons to build an app for on-demand laundry:

1.     The benefit to Customers:

Why will one spend time washing the clothes on weekends, while they can tap some buttons on their smartphone and make the work done? The full-cycle of on-demand laundry services lets the customer book and pay for cleaning their clothes. These services provide the facility of pick up, clean, iron, and delivery to the customers.

2.  The benefit to Traditional Laundry Business:

Building an app will increase their visibility. Also, when the customer gets the work done from the one they trust will decrease the customer’s effort. Besides this, this app helps in optimizing business processes. Instead of manually feeding data, the app will do all the work. And it leads to increased revenue.

3.  The benefit to Online Laundry accumulators:

A perfect opportunity to try your hand at big business is to create an app for your start-up. The key benefit is that start-up owners never need to spend money buying washing equipment and renting premises. Start-ups may effortlessly negotiate to offer their services to local laundries and create an app that brings together laundry providers in one location.

How does this App Works?

This kind of apps is very much easy to use. You can make your laundry work done in 4 easy steps:

1)     Customer opens the app -> select the best laundry services -> set the time of pick up -> place the order.

2)     The service provider receives and confirms it.

3)     The laundry Service provider completes the work.

4)     The customer gets the delivery of their cleaned and ironed clothes.

Features for the Customer Application:

Easy Login:

The clients will allowed to login/sign up for better usability through their social media accounts or mobile number. It will save them from the tedious task of accessing their records.

Type of Service:

Customers are fond of choices. The clothes can be made of different materials and need special care. For this, consumers will be able to select the type of fabrics, clothing sizes, detergent, and preferences for machine wash or hand wash, and so on.

Schedule Pick up:

As per their convenience, the customers will be able to choose the pick-up timings. Customers need to select the time and date for pick up, and the laundry will be taking from their doorstep.

Estimated Cost:

Once the customer selects his requirement, they will get an average cost of their laundry service. The price may differ from the material used and the number of clothes.

Order Status:

After placing an order, the customers can monitor the order status using the laundry service. The customers will be updated for their order by the laundry man itself.

Offer and Review:

They will have an opportunity to add their suggestions to the delivery person and the laundry man after receiving their laundry. Using the on-demand mobile laundry service app, customers can access their loyalty points and the tailor-made deals from their profiles.

Track the Service:

By using their on-demand mobile laundry service application, customers will be able to monitor the drivers so that they can know the status of their laundry.

Feature of Laundry Man Application:

Easy Login:

The laundrymen will have their dashboard where they can log in/ sign up using their mobile number or social media accounts and can register themselves. They will get the login details and password to protect their account for this purpose.

Client Data:

After approving the order of the customer, they can access the customers’ data. The data includes the number of garments, the type of material, etc.


To monitor the loyalty of the customers, the laundrymen will be able to dive into the order stories. It will allow them to tailor customer deals.


The laundrymen will have a dashboard where they will be monitoring their service statistics on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or annual basis and review them.


The on-demand mobile app will consist of calendars and reminders. It will allow them to quickly plan their assignments.

Technologies used for the development of Application

Cloud Technology:

When it comes to the creation of laundry software, cloud servers play a crucial role. As, all the payment, order, user, and laundry data are saved on these servers. In the cloud-powered on-demand laundry app, the laundry company is scalable. It also handles all correspondence – secure servers, thus preserving the company’s confidentiality and integrity.

GPS Tracker:

In all on-demand applications, GPS plays an important part and laundry apps are no exception. GPS offers real-time turn-by-turn navigation to the laundry guy. It also indicates how much distance he must travel to reach the destination. Also, with GPS in place, by showing them correct ETAs, you can keep your clients updated.

Report and Statistics:

It is important to recognize the weak places to push a laundry company forward. By giving you insightful information about the user base, purchases, running price standards, and much more, reports and analytics help you do this. There are many analytics tools, such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Open-Source Analytics Tools, and many more. For the seamless creation of your laundry company, you can incorporate any of these into your on-demand laundry service app.

App Store Optimization:

You don’t need to think about publicizing your laundry app with app optimization. Along with the intelligence software, app optimization effectively manages the analysis, ratings, and optimization of keywords. It guarantees that the app is a big success on the app store or play store.

Costing of On-demand Mobile Application:

The process of software creation involves multiple steps, and by measuring the number of hours spent in each phase, the price of an app can be calculated. These phases are distinguished by platform selection, design standards, and the context of the admin panel and backend infrastructure.

The number of hours consumed in each stage is:

·        Designing of iOS and Android app: – 130-200 hours

·        Development hours for iOS: – > 850 hours

·        Development hours for Android: – up to 850 hours

·        Development of backend infrastructure: – up to 250 hours

·        Building admin panel: – up to 70 hours

The overall cost of building an On-demand Laundry app differs from location to location as per the hourly rates:

·        Developer in the US: – $100-$250 per hour

·        Developer in Easter Europe: – $50-$150 per hour

·        Developer in India: – $15-$80 per hour

The Final Line:

For your on-demand laundry company, a mobile application can do wonders. Customers would be drawn to the latest service in the market as a revolutionary concept at first. All you have to do is put an efficient marketing campaign on it and let your on-demand mobile laundry app clone make money for you. Often, being the early slice of the industry, it would be easier for you to take over the market with little competition.

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