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Today many programs are available for subscriptions. For free programs, you don’t require a license. But for premium programs, the user has to purchase the license. Once he gets the license, he can access the program or tool on his device easily. Most of the programs offer different licenses for different devices. You can choose the subscription for the system according to the service needs. The merit of using a subscription is that you can purchase the license whenever you require. When the user is not using the program then he doesn’t need to get the subscription. In a yearly subscription, the user has to purchase the license once a year.

But monthly subscriptions can be bothersome. To make your job easy, many programs offer an auto-renewal feature. When a person is using auto-renewal, his program doesn’t expire and renews automatically. When you don’t want to use the program anymore then you must cancel auto-renewal. The auto-renewal process continues even if you remove the setup. The billing will appear on your banking account. So, before the plan auto-renews, cancel the auto-subscription of your plan. 

Cancelling the auto-subscription of your program 

When you are not using the program in the future then you should cancel the auto-subscription. Many people think that if they cancel the auto-renewal, they can’t use the program later. Cancelling the subscription will only prevent auto-renewal. If the user has the remaining days on his subscription, he can use it till the provided date. Once his program license expires, he can renew the subscription manually. Users can cancel their subscription from the online account.

  1. Open the computer and navigate to the browser
  2. Search for the official program’s site
  3. Open the main page and tap on the My Profile
  4. You will see the login window
  5. Type your program’s credentials
  6. Hit on the subscription page
  7. Now go to the auto-renewal page
  8. If the service is enabled then toggle the switch 

After the auto-renewal gets disabled; you will get the confirmation in your mail. Now, again open your subscription window. Check the auto-renewal; it must be disabled. The license will show the active status along with the expiring date. Use the program until the expiry date. 

Can you cancel a Norton subscription from Play Store?

When the user has purchased the license of his plan from Google Play Store; he can use it for cancellation also. On Android devices, you can find the programs on Google Play Store. Your device only allows the programs from Play Store. In case a user wants to install a program that is not available on the Play store then he has to make changes to settings. For the Play Store, you can cancel the subscription directly. But the user requires the same email account for calculating which the user has used for purchasing it.

  1. Open the Android device and click on Play Store
  2. Tap on the Profile page
  3. Hit on subscription 
  4. User can see all the premium programs
  5. Scroll down and select your Norton plan
  6. You will see the Norton license
  7. Tap on the Cancel button
  8. Choose Confirm button to cancel Norton subscription

Check your email account for confirmation. Now you can scan the Android device with Norton until you have the remaining days. 

Cancel your subscription on iOS devices

For iOS devices, you can install the programs from the App Store and also cancel the subscription. You have to open the App store using the same Apple ID.

  1. Go to your iOS device and open App Store
  2. Click on the Profile 
  3. Select the subscription option
  4. Tap on the program 
  5. Hit the Cancel button
  6. On the confirmation page, hit on Confirm Yes button

When the auto-renewal for the program gets cancelled, you will get mail on the registered account. Now when the license for the program expires, you can remove the setup or can renew manually.

Cancel your subscription on PC

  • Go to in a web browser. Any browser can be used to update Norton’s subscription preferences.
  • Click on Sign in. It is the yellow button to the left of the screen.
  • Click Sign in to enter your login details. You will be taken to your account homepage.
  • Click MY NORTON. It is located in the upper-right corner. The menu will expand.
  • Click on My Subscriptions. It’s the last option on the menu.
  • To cancel your subscription, click Cancel.
    • To cancel a free trial, switch the “Free Trial” switch from the On position to the Off position. Next, click Opt Out when prompted.
  • To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions on the screen. After the billing cycle, your Norton subscription will be cancelled.

Renewing the program manually

The auto-renewal service is not available on all the licensed programs. If your program doesn’t support the auto-renewal or it is disabled then the user has to renew his subscription manually. You have to install the open dashboard of the program and select the Renew button. Many renewal plans will appear on the screen, select the plan and fill in your billing details. Users can also renew the program before expiring; the license will activate after the expiry of a previous plan.

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