Different Types Of injury At Work That Can Get You A Claim

Accidents can be a horrible sight for any person. An accident at work is a discrete occurrence in the course of work. It can lead to mental and physical injuries. According to the International Labor Organization, more than 337 million accidents happen at work each year. These injuries result in 2.3 million deaths annually.

Accidents at work can be of different types. Some can occur due to falls or slip, some can occur due to falling objects. If an accident at work occurs due to any reason, you always have a chance to capture your accident at work Claim. Accident at work claim can be captured easily if you follow the right procedure. 

What Is Accident at Work Claim

Accident at work claim is an amount of compensation that you get after an accident. This amount of compensation can help you a lot as it can compensate in your medical and other services. 

Am I Eligible to Make Accident at Work Claim

If you get involved in an Accident at work. And the time limit of three years for your claims has not ended. Moreover, if you feel that the occurrence of the accident is not your fault, then you are eligible for an accident at work claim.

Types of Accidents at Work That Can Get You a  Claim

There are different types of accidents at work. These can vary from minor accidents to some

serious accidents. These accidents can be:

  1. Slips, Trips, and falls

Whether you work in a shop, a factory or an office, it is a major possibility that you will encounter slips. A person can slip due to a slippery surface. This can cause a lot of trouble as some heavy and dangerous injuries can be inflicted. 

Another injury can be falling from someplace. This can be a really dangerous injury as it can also cause death. This type of injury occurs on construction sites. When workers accidentally get pushed or fall from high buildings. This type of injury can also get you a reasonable and good amount of claim. You can also provide good evidence 

  1. Being Hit by Falling Objects

Plenty of people find themselves on the receiving end of falling objects. This can happen in construction places. In these places, large metal rods or other heavy machinery can fall on a person. This can cause heavy damage for example broken bones, or damaged muscles. 

However, this is not just a problem in warehouse environments. This can also occur in offices. Employees can get injury when various objects fall on them. These objects can also cause serious damage as scissors or a metal ruler falls in ones eye. These objects can also cause you damage during an earthquake. For example: during an earthquake, different objects fall from their shelves and it can be a possibility that you may be on the receiving end. 

  1. Repetitive strain Injury

 Repetitive strain injury is another injury that has become vastly common these days. But these days’ employees do not take this injury that seriously.  it is not only a problem for those who use keyboards in their work, but as a matter of fact, is; it can result in any repetitive motion of the joints.  repetitive strain injury can be severe or lethal in some cases. 

Repetitive strain injury has several symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Pain, aching or tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Throbbing
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Weakness
  • Cramp

At first, you might only notice symptoms when you carry out different repetitive actions. But if the treatment is not carried out, the symptoms of repetitive strain injury may become constant and can cause longer periods of pain.

  1. Crashes and Collisions

Crashes and collisions are also very common or frequent at work. These accidents can also cause some damage. It all depends on the crash. If a person crashes into another person it can be dangerous for both the victims. Crashing can also occur when a person walks into another object. This can occur when a person gets distracte and walks right into the wall. However, these accidents can be prevente if a person remains a bit vigilant. 

  1. Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Many people around the globe work in chemistry labs, some work in a lab as a scientist while some work in a schools chemistry lab. If you work in a chemistry lab you must stay a bit vigilant. Toxic fumes can cause a lot of damage to your lungs or respiratory system. Different chemicals can also cause damage to your skin or your eyes. If you accidentally drink any of these chemicals for example: if you drink potassium cyanide, you can be in serious trouble. 

How To Get Accident At Work Claim

If you want an accident at work claim you must file the claim as soon as possible. The sooner you file your claim the more chances you have of capturing your claim. However, there are certain other steps which should be take to win an accident at work claim. You should have two witnesses. 

You must show all the evidences as well. These evidences must include your medical report, photographs of your injury, and videos of the accident location. Most important step is to hire an injury claim specialist. An injury claim specialist is a person who would help you in capturing your injury claim. Moreover, an injury claim specialist is an expert and knows how to deal with insurance companies who are trying to deny your claim.


Accidents at work can occur at any place, at any time. These accidents can cause serious damages which can be real damage for a person. So precautions should be take to prevent these types of accidents. But if these accidents occur as it is not in one’s hands, a person should not panic and should always face them. You must file your injury claim to get compensate for your loss. You can hire an injury claim specialist as well. This step will be really helpful for you.

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