Difference between Human Resource and Recruiter

Every firm needs a human resource team to help them develop their product, market it, and administer the company. In a company organisation, employee recruitment occurs only once in a while or whenever a vacancy arises. Many individuals mistakenly believe that an HR manager/personnel and a recruiter are the same person. They are not the same individual. The recruiter reports directly to the HR manager and is a member of the HR team, which is the best way to characterise both professions. It’s also possible that the recruiter isn’t a full-time employee of the organisation. The Human Resource department will hire the recruiter in this situation to find new employees for the organisation. Look for helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai.

HR and the Recruiter’s Relationship It is critical for an organization’s two most significant individuals to have a good working relationship. Despite the fact that they have quite diverse work tasks, their relationship is based on their organisational roles. To accomplish so, they’ll need to collaborate with hiring managers. If the organisation is looking to replace a former employee, they must conduct research into their previous work, define the function, write a flawless job description, and advertise the opening on several platforms.

What Is the Role of a Recruiter?

A Recruiter, for example, is responsible for determining the specifics of the role that the organisation needs to be filled. Speaking with hiring managers, studying previous work (if the position is a replacement), and writing an appropriate job description to advertise the available position are all part of this process. Once the function has been defined, the Recruiter is in charge of disseminating the information through a range of internet platforms.

While sourcing candidates, the Recruiter looks at each resume for skills, experience, availability, and culture fit (or adding someone who not only fits the culture but also offers something unique to the team dynamics). They also conduct preliminary interviews in order to choose just the top candidates for the position before suggesting them to the hiring manager. You can search for helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai. Recruiters will facilitate interviews with the hiring manager and any other members of the team responsible for filling a post once a final list or slate of candidates is ready. Based on market data and what will encourage the applicant to join you, your Recruiter will build a competitive offer.

What Does Human Resources Do?

Once your new hire joins the organisation, an HR Business Partner will handle on boarding. After that, they can help you with everything from employee engagement to pay and performance methodology design. HR is in charge of what we refer to as employee development and retention, such as ensuring that there are opportunities for advancement, meaningful recognition for top performers, and equitable distribution of bonuses and pay increases. HR can also identify training requirements for individual job tasks as well as company-wide issues such as unconscious bias and anti-harassment programmes.

Finally, an HR Business Partner is responsible for both voluntary and involuntary departures. Exit interviews and, in more delicate situations, assisting with downsizing or management of low performers are examples. aTheir mission is to ensure a fair, respectful, and compliant environment for both the company and the employees.

A recruiter is in charge of evaluating a candidate’s potential, whereas an HR is in charge of allocating a recruitment resource to a role:

Recruiters work on the full interview process after obtaining job vacancy information from HR, such as recruiting an employee from the team to handle the technical aspect and allocating human resource professionals for the interview process. The talent recruiting team assesses the candidate’s potential before moving them on to the next step of the recruitment policy or the hiring process. Look into helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai. The HR department, on the other hand, merely provides the recruiter with information regarding the job role’s requirements.

Recruiter is in charge of the employment role’s market reach, as determined by the HR department:

There is a great deal of labour that goes into informing job seekers about openings in the firm. A recruiter is someone who ensures the maximum reach of news to the market, from social media communications to newspaper adverts. Recruiters become involved in publishing the news to the market after acquiring the exact facts from the HR department. As a result, recruiters will handle media outreach on the organization’s vacancy.

HR creates employment roles and fills vacancies, whereas the recruiter does not:

An HR department would be alerted from management after the job role has been decided or when a vacancy exists. They are the individuals who obtain the job description from a manager or team lead. As a result, the recruiter has no involvement in the creation of a job role. HR has given them the task of filling the position as soon as it occurs.

HR is in charge of training and development when a recruiter has completed the entire verification process:

The job candidate must go through numerous levels of training and growth before being able to start working in the position. There are helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai. The human resource department is solely responsible for training employees from the beginning to the point where they are ready to perform direct work in the firm.

The recruiter will be in charge of the complete recruitment process in stages, whilst HR will be in charge of the entire job role during the employment period:

Even while job recruiters are in charge of the entire recruitment selection process, from resume screening to the final personal interview, the HR department is in charge of the next step. The HR department handles all job-related issues, from discussing pay scales to assessments.

HR is in responsible of appraisals, promotions, and the continued development of HR-hired employees in the organisation:

After a job seeker is hired, the recruiter’s work is likely to end there, and the human resource department will handle the rest of the training and development, appraisals, team assignment, and induction.

When the selection and recruitment process is required, recruiters can be external employees or even part-time:

In some firms, a recruiter’s position might even be found as a part-time career. This is because job recruitment can take place just once a trimester or only when a vacancy opens. Get some information about helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai. The Human Resources department, on the other hand, is in charge of hiring a recruiter and assigning responsibilities to the recruitment team.

During the HR recruitment process, the recruiter is in charge of document verification and teaching customers about the HR recruitment process:

Even though it appears to be a simple task, it is the most crucial aspect of the recruitment process. The recruiter’s other significant responsibilities include informing clients about the company and describing the employment description to the candidate. 

Human resources is completely responsible for all aspects of recruiting, supervising, and considering the wellbeing of employees. At the same time, the recruiter is completely responsible for recording interviews, selecting appropriate prospects, and ensuring that the individual picked is capable of adapting to changing workstations. Hiring an employee is never a simple undertaking for an organisation because it influences the organization’s overall success. Search for the helpful resources about leading HR recruitment dubai. Recruiters and the human resource team are both critical to the organisation because they are the two teams that are solely accountable for an employee’s success.

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