Effective Ways Of Building Traffic On Amazon

1 – Enhance Your Amazon Product Main Image

What is the first thing a customer sees when they search for products like yours on Amazon? Your main image.

You will need a high-quality main picture that stands out from your competitors to get more clicks and improve your traffic.

Amazon has strict guidelines for your main image. You should follow these rules to avoid your listing being removed. Your main image should have a white background, and your product should fill at least 85% of the image. These are guidelines, but they will help you better display your product.

These are other ways to enhance your main image.

  • Hiring a professional product photographer can help you to get more clicks in a highly competitive niche.
  • It should be high resolution, at least 1,000 pixels in height and width
  • Your product should be presented in a completely different way than the ones you are competing with
  • Include any bonuses or extras that you offer, e.g. A user guide or carry bag

Are you torn between the two main images? To determine which image will bring more traffic, you can do a split test.

Split testing, also known as “A/B testing”, is used to determine which listing works best. This will eventually lead to more profits over the long term. It involves determining which variant (main image) gives better results from two options/variants.

For 7 days, use option 1 as your main picture. Next, switch to option 2 for 7 days.

2 – Evaluate your Pricing Strategy

Pricing is another important variable that will determine whether potential customers click on your listing or those from your competitors.

Finding the perfect price is hard. If your price is too high, customers will not click on your listing. Pricing too low could reduce traffic as it might indicate that you are selling a low-quality product, which may turn off buyers.

If you don’t get enough traffic, I have some pricing advice. Review the pricing of top sellers in your niche to get started. It’s reasonable to assume that they have established a price that is attractive to customers and sells well.

Check out Amazon to see the prices of the top 3-5 sellers in your niche. You might be pricing your product too high if you go beyond this range.

A lower price is a great way to get more clicks if your product is new or has not received any reviews. This will increase traffic, sales, and improve your Amazon ranking.

After your listing has reached a healthy level in traffic and sales you can consider raising the price.

This will prevent you from being beaten by your competition. This will allow you to succeed in the vast forest of generic private-label products that Amazon sells.

3 – Run A Lightning Deal

Are you an Amazon seller looking for a way to increase your product visibility and sales? There are many ways to accomplish the same goal but Amazon Lightning Deal is undoubtedly the best.

What is a lightning deal?

This is a promotional offer, in which you offer a discount on your product, and Amazon displays it on its Deals page for several hours.

It is almost certain that this will bring in a lot of traffic, and with it, sales! It is a great way to revitalize a slow-moving product list. Not all products qualify for lighting deals.

4 – Search for new keywords

Your listings’ traffic can be affected by the keywords you include.

If a customer searches for a keyword not listed in your product listing, or in search terms that are not related to it (also known as back-end keywords ), Amazon will not display your product in its search results.

You’ll miss out on significant traffic if you don’t include one keyword with high volume that is relevant to your product.

We must conduct extensive keyword research to ensure that all relevant keywords are found and included in the listing.

Amazon recently reduced search terms to 250 characters. It’s now more important than ever that you identify and target the correct keywords to your Amazon listing.

5 – Optimize your Product Title

Your main image and pricing are the two most important variables displayed in the search. The title of your product is also an important variable.

These three factors give customers their first impression of your product. You’ll get more traffic if they are better than your competitors.

Now let’s discuss improving the product title.

An Amazon Product Title’s first goal is to attract buyers. This is done by including the most relevant keywords at the beginning of your title. Buyers won’t click on your products if they don’t find keywords that are relevant to their needs.

This is important as mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) can display fewer characters than your title. Nearly 60% of Amazon customers say that their primary method of purchasing products from Amazon is via their tablet or smartphone.

Customers should also find titles that are compelling and encourage them to click on your product over the offerings of competitors.

Important to remember that product titles within most categories can only contain 200 characters (including spaces). 

Recommended Guide: Amazon Product Research.

6 – Advertise on Amazon

You have 2 options to promote your product on Amazon

  • Sponsored Products are used to promote or advertise individual listings.
  • Headline Search Ads are available to registered brand owners with at least 3 product listings.

Are you looking to advertise your Amazon listings but have low traffic?

Start with sponsored products. It’s simple to set up and it will bring you traffic to your site. 

There are some things you can do to increase traffic to your Amazon advertising site if you have low traffic.

  • You can increase your keyword bids to improve your ad placement. This will help you get more clicks. To find new keywords for your advertising campaign, do keyword research. 
  • You can increase your daily budget to get more clicks from advertising. If you regularly spend/reach your Amazon daily limit/budget, do this.

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