8000 Series: Best Technology to Measure High/Low Temp. Fluid

8000 Series: Best Technology to Measure High/Low Temp. Fluid

8000 eXtreme High Heat (XHT) or eXtreme Low Heat (XLT) is a technology that system operators use to measure the liquid flow rate at high or low temperatures. 8000 series… Read more

Why and When You Need Flow Meter Calibration?

Flow meters are essential instruments in the flow measurement industry. They, however, need to be calibrated once in a while to work effectively. Read on to why and when flow… Read more

Water flow sensor: types and it’s applications

A water flow sensor is a device that measures the water flow rate and calculates the water amount flowing inside a tube or a pipe. The unit of measurement is… Read more

Customize Your Water Level Sensor with Fluid Control

A water flow sensor is a critical device that allows automating water flow in various industrial and domestic settings. Water is a very important resource in our lives and needs… Read more
Weldsaver drawback- WeldSaver 6 + Drawback – Intelligent Leak Detection and Flow Control Device

WeldSaver Drawback -Leak Detection and Flow Control Device

The WeldSaver drawback is a safe water device that many industries use to detect leakage and control water flow. The welders also use it to stop the catastrophic coolant dumps… Read more

Flow switch: How it works and their types

A flow switch is the Proteus industry’s device that people use to measure the flow of gasses, liquids, or steams through a designed tube or channel. They can send an… Read more
Guide On Rotameter

A Complete Guide On Rotameter and How Does it Work?

The most important thing you are supposed to know is that this kind of machine normally uses the principle of the upthrust force. The force of the gravity and the… Read more