What is the difference between service MOT test

What is the difference between a service and a MOT test, and what do both include?

Contrary to common belief, a service is not the same as a MOT test, and the two are distinct. Despite the fact that both involve taking your car to a service centre for a “once-over,” they are fundamentally distinct. According to current research, 60% of drivers may require assistance in understanding the distinction. In this article, we will explain the difference between a Car Service and a MOT, beginning with a short history of the MOT Tunstall test.


In the United Kingdom, the MOT is now a yearly evaluation for a vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety, and exhaust emissions.

During a MOT examination, the tester will perform a thorough set of checks all around the vehicle. This category includes the outside, inside, behind the hood, and under the vehicle. You must still schedule a service because the MOT test is only a visual inspection and examiners are not allowed to make any modifications or repairs.

After the MOT, you will get a Pass or Fail rating, as well as a document. If you are one of the 60% who pass each year, you will get issued a VT20 MOT certificate. In the event that a MOT fails, test facilities will issue a VT30 “Refusal of a MOT Test Certificate.” This will include details about your vehicle, the MOT test number, and the reasons why the test failed.

MOT is necessary, and driving a vehicle without a current MOT is illegal. Furthermore, your insurance will no longer be legitimate, and you could face a fine of up to £1,000.


The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), a government agency, controls the content of MOT tests, as well as who get authorised to conduct them and how much they cost. The DVSA also keeps track of frequent MOT failures and reports on them.

Some of the primary components that are mainly examined during a MOT are the vehicle’s body, fuel system, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, wheels, windscreen, wipers/washers, horn, electrical wiring, and batteries.

While the MOT facility is not required to fix any potential problems with your vehicle, some may offer to do so. It’s also important to note that a MOT doesn’t look at your car’s overall mechanical condition. You should still plan a car repair appointment because it does not check the health of your engine, clutch, or gearbox.


If you want to keep the cars in your family in good shape, regular auto maintenance is essential. Depending on the age and kind of the car, several services are needed, but the majority of them entail replacing the engine oil, air filter, and other components.

You are not required to have your vehicle repaired, but here are FOUR reasons why you should:

Just because your car feels fine does not imply that everything is fine. Regular maintenance will aid in the detection of hidden problems and give you faith that your vehicle is roadworthy.

Servicing can help you extend the life of your vehicle. If you take better care of your vehicle, it will treat you better. It’s critical, particularly if you intend to keep it for a long time or pass it down to your children.

Regular maintenance can help detect potential issues before they become serious and costly to repair, which can save you money. The added benefit of replacing the oil and filters as part of a service get improved fuel efficiency.

If there is proof of regular maintenance or a full service history, the resale value is likely to increase. You may attract more customers who are ready to pay more for a well-maintained vehicle.

What differentiates the service from a MOT?

An MOT is a required process that ensures your vehicle meets the DVLA’s legal requirements for roadworthiness. A service is a general health and condition inspection of your vehicle with the aim of keeping it running as securely and efficiently as possible.

How long does a repair and MOT take?

A complete service and MOT will typically take 2-4 hours. However, where you have these done and how well your vehicle get maintained will decide this.

Is it legal to travel without a MOT certificate?

You cannot because driving without a valid MOT is illegal. You can only drive without one when going to a MOT appointment.

The annual MOT is necessary by law once your vehicle is more than three years old, but your MOT centre is not required to remind you, so you should make your own reminder.

Furthermore, getting your MOT done before your current certificate expires is a good idea in case you fail and have to wait while your vehicle get repaired and retested. The best time to get a new Tyres Tunstall is about a month before the old one expires, so your mechanic can date the new certificate based on when the old one ended.

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