Ultimate tips for choosing the right dining table

Choosing the right dining table is essential because it is the centerpiece of the living room. It must meet all your needs, especially functional ones, and meet your expectations, especially aesthetically. Indeed, remember that like any piece of furniture, the table has not only a practical purpose but also a decorative one. Regarding the models marketed by Homary, it should be noted that they all meet all the qualitative criteria that define a good table insofar as they are essentially solid oak furniture with an excellent finish.

To help you find the dining table you need from its wide selection, here are some tips…

The form is the functions

If the choice of your future dining table belongs only to you, because it is conditioned largely by a question of tastes and colors which are specific to you, there are all the same a series of factors to consider .

The ideal table must above all allow you to accommodate the people with whom you share your meals daily, the members of your household and also, more occasionally, welcome your guests. Here, pay particular attention to the size of this table and its extension possibilities. It is important to know that a comfortable place occupies 60 cm of the length of the table , and a width of 90 cm or more allows you to put more dishes or a table runner, but also makes the center of the table less accessible for people sitting on the outskirts. Not to be forgotten: the location of the legs which can sometimes prevent the full length or width of the table from being optimized. Go for examples.

before making your choice,  take care to measure the dimensions of your room and calculate its area, which will save you a lot of unpleasant surprises! We advise you to allow a minimum clearance of 50 cm behind each chair to facilitate passage. Think of modular tables which have many advantages, especially if the room whose dimensions you have just taken turns out to be smaller than you imagined. By opting for a table with an extension system, you can easily increase the size of your table according to your needs. Finally, be aware that a table without a belt will certainly leave you a little more space for the passage of the knees, but will make it impossible to place an extension.

As for the shape of the table for which you will opt, nothing is stopped! Just make sure it lends itself to your dining room setup. Having a nice table is not enough, you still need to be able to sit on it and walk around it without problems. Nevertheless, a small round table in a large living room will leave you with an undeniable feeling of emptiness. Prefer a rectangular table, more imposing but also more formal, or possibly oval. Conversely, if your room is small, the round shape will be preferable, with possible extensions to meet specific needs. Finally, square tables have the advantage of being able to be placed in all places for various uses, the first of which is undoubtedly to serve as an office.

The style and the finish

All made of oak, the dining tables marketed by Homary are aimed at lovers of classic, traditional or modern decoration. Lines and color variations that differ depending on the style and must best coincide with those of your existing furniture and the atmosphere you want to create. Do not mix wood species! Moreover, contrary to what one might think, wooden furniture is not only of interest to lovers of rustic decoration embodied at Homary.

If you have any doubts about the finish to choose and to match your interior, do not hesitate to ask us for stained wood samples via our contact form.

Decorative tips for a pretty table

Having a nice table is good, making sure it stays that way for a long time is even better! The first instinct is to put a tablecloth on it in order to protect the top, but by doing so, the beauty of the table, its color, its shape and its finish are concealed and this is all the more regrettable when the we have a solid oak table. We therefore recommend that you cover your table with a tablecloth during meals. Be careful, however, not to leave this protection constantly on the table in order to prevent any risk of condensation.  Another solution to protect your table from everyday addicts while enjoying its wood would be to use table runners or placemats.

Moreover, we tend to forget it, but the table and the chairs go together to form a homogeneous whole on the decorative level. So select matching models! Finally, we remind you that to guarantee a long life expectancy for your table as well as for all your oak furniture, proper maintenance is necessary .

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