Top suggestions for finding a chauffeur service

For the businessman or woman with a demanding work schedule today, hiring a personal automobile chauffeur service is becoming more and more frequent. Making sure you won’t be let down for business meetings and events is crucial. If you have never used a bespoke chauffeur service before, you might have some concerns about the cost, the level of service, the qualifications of the drivers, and the calibre of the vehicles.

Please refer to the list of warning signs that we have provided below so that you may better understand how Platinum Cars operate.

1 Being on time

Since your driver always makes advance plans and departs early to pick you up, luxury chauffeur service typically provides a 100% on-time arrival guarantee for their vehicles. In rare instances, traffic may cause chauffeurs to be delayed. Your driver receives a travel plan after the reservation is made, and we employ traffic technology on the day of the reservation to guarantee your booking goes without a hitch.

2 Experienced and Professional

Platinum Cars is extremely picky about the chauffeur drivers we hire, only hiring those that are highly trained and experienced. There are a few things to consider while picking and selecting our chauffeur drivers, like their familiarity with and awareness of the surrounding places, like London. When interacting with VIPs and celebrities, attitude, tact, and behaviour are crucial. Transport for London should issue licenses to all drivers in London. Clients are always supplied the chauffeur’s contact information prior to their trip.

3 Luxury Vehicle Fleet

Customers can select a Mercedes Benz vehicle from our top-of-the-line luxury fleet at Platinum Cars, including the Mercedes E-Class, S-Class, V-Class, or Rolls Royce Phantom. Depending on the car or vehicles you select and the length of time you need our services, prices may change. If you are looking for chauffeur service in London I will suggest you to try Westwey Ride. It is one the best chauffeur service in London

4 Registered Business

Both Platinum Cars and we are a registered limited company with Company’s House. Platinum Cars is a fully licensed private rental operator.

5 Extra Services

All of our vehicles at Platinum Cars include FREE WiFi as standard equipment, and we also keep supplies of daily newspapers, tissues, mints, and multi-chargers for mobile phones on hand. In order to make arrangements, we would need confirmation of any special needs our clients may have at the time of booking.

6 Prepare in advance

All clients have the option to provide precise instructions on a route they may desire to follow or any information about the area they intend to visit when they confirm booking our services. Your chauffeur will be issued any special instructions.

7 Secured Transactions

A third party that fully controls all transactions protects our payment system. When paying over the phone, specific details will be requested, such as your entire address where your credit card is registered. This is done so that the bank can confirm that your payment card is totally secure. Without the customers’ permission, Platinum Cars will not store any card information or activate any payments.

8 Five-Star Evaluations

High-profile individuals make up a large portion of Platinum Cars’ clientele. Celebrities, politicians, and successful businesspeople and women are frequently in our care. We can provide references, and we also encourage prospective customers to read Google’s 5-star evaluations.

9 Added Assistance

When it comes to searching for a certain address, or even advice on where to go and dine or what to do, our highly experienced crew is always on hand to go above and above for our clients. Many of our clients who serve as personal assistants ask for VIP-level attention for their bosses.

10 Adaptability

Platinum Cars is fully aware of the necessity for flexibility in our industry when it comes to waiting times, unforeseen returns, or last-minute bookings.

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