6 Ways to Beat the Fear and Pressure of Gym

Gym paves the way for fitness, though it is not the only way to be right as rain. Those seeking to seek brawny appearances need an environment full of machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, and free weights, which lie in the gym.

They could be off-putting places if you are about to take the first step towards your fitness. The fear of being comfortable with machines and accustomed to those grunting sounds, taking high-intensity training in your stride and above all, being perceived as a creep when moves do not look right could hold you back.

Nothing is easy. Many things like sky diving and bungee jumping feel intimidating and overwhelming, but you overpower your fear as you make your first attempt successful. Likewise, you can fight off your fear of the gym environment.

If you want to have athletic-level fitness, just pluck up the courage and dive in. Here are some tips to help you beat out the fear and pressure of the gym:

Choose a place that suits you

You might think that it does not matter what gym you opt for embarking on your fitness journey as long as sufficient equipment is available. It might be true for some, but the atmosphere is the be-all and end-all.

It is no wonder you may encounter men hitting you and throwing glances at you when you are running on the treadmill or squatting. Do some research online to know a gym which is in the good books of people. Make sure that people admire the atmosphere.

Most of the gyms are aimed at both genders, but there are some that specifically entertain females. If the presence of males is what puts you off, you should sign up for them. Before you sign up, you should decide which training sessions you are particularly interested in.

If you are funding your gym membership with 100% guaranteed loans from a direct lender, you should be more careful with the subscription. You will not need all types of training sessions to stay fit, so paying for them is not worthwhile.

1. Stick to your routine to build a habit

It can take a while to get it in your stride. For a couple of days, you would find it awkward, but by sticking to your routine, you will get into the gym groove. Bear in mind that you will need at least a month to develop a habit.

It is a win, even if you just show up for a little while. To break the hesitation, the first thing you need to do is to go to your gym daily. Soon you will find yourself as a creature of habit. Get some motivation. For instance, group activities could encourage you to go to the gym regularly.

Group classes will make you feel less intimidated. You will see the same faces daily and be acclimatised to their presence. Soon you all will become friends.

2.  Being comfortable with machines is paramount

To be stuck to your gym schedule, it is intrinsic to be comfortable with machines. When you go to the gym for the first time, you will likely feel gut-wrenching as you do not know how to turn on a machine.

Though you know the basics like weight lifting, squatting, etc., you might need a personal trainer who will guide you thoroughly, so you do not make wrong moves and end up taking a toll on your health.

Well, gym trainers will introduce you to the whole kit slowly. In the beginning, they would focus on barbells, sandbags, rowing machines, and the like. As you are introduced to a machine, it is time to learn the dos and don’ts.

Do not fight shy of expanding your knowledge about the equipment you use. There is a lot you should know about them, so having some additional time will be great. Try to be comfortable with your personal trainer so that you can ask questions.

Apart from that, you can also watch YouTube videos. You will undoubtedly get a lot of information online.

3.  Learn the basics

Many people give up in the middle as they see their plans of action are taking them nowhere. Unfortunately, the awry structure of the workout results in it. Your goals should serve as the basis for designing a workout strategy.

A simple squat can have different effects on your body depending on how many pounds you want to lose, how many times you repeat, and how much rest you take in each repeated attempt. Experts say that fewer than five repetitions are suitable for building strength, and more than 12 reps are enough to build endurance. You should settle in between.

If your goal is strength, fewer reps are better. Your goals decide what is ideal for you and how long you need to be involved in a particular training session. Again, your rest time hinges on your goals. Less-than-a-minute rest is more than enough if you aim to burn fat. If you have set your mind to strength, rest until full recovery is a must, no matter if it takes some time.

4.  Hiring a personal trainer could be less intimidating

If you are unable to overcome the phobia of the gym, it is suggested that you hire a personal trainer. Check qualifications before you hire a trainer. Make sure that the trainer you hire covers the fundamentals of exercise.

They should be able to get the desired results. Do not just make a decision based on their qualifications. You should interview them, so you know they will come in handy to help you achieve your fitness goals. Ask them if they have ever worked with people like you before. If so, what were their results?

Another thing to see is whether that trainer is able to explain the how and why of sessions you may want to pursue. Your ultimate goal is to have successful sessions, so make sure that the trainer you hire will help achieve that.

5.  Find a style you like

If you still have not fallen for the gym, you might be doing the same training session every day. Remember that you will feel monotonous if you keep doing the same thing on and on. Others might be doing the same stuff, but you have a lot of different options.

You should try different classes and then see which one intrigues you. To build some interest, you can explore options outside your action plan.

The bottom line

Early on, you can be intimidated by the thought of joining a gym, but you can overcome your fear and anxiety when you choose a gym where you get a good atmosphere. Research is the key to finding good gyms nearby.

You will need to build a habit. It is not important how much time you spend, but showing up to your gym in the beginning, is more than enough to keep the ball rolling. Try different activities to see which one intrigues you. Doing the same training session over time could make the workout boring.

If your anxiety about the gym is still up, you should hire a personal trainer. Make sure that they are able to help you achieve your goal.

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