Splitting Ends: Is Hair Transplant The Last And Final Solution?

Hair transplant is one of the major milestones cosmetology has achieved in the past few decades. The reasons for the wide popularity of hair transplants is because of its effectiveness and because of the results it is able to provide within a short period. Hair transplant is a process linked to grafting, yes, but just the way post the process of grafting in plants, extra care is provided to the saplings. Similarly, there is a process of lifestyle change, supplements and routine checkups that follow after grafting.

But, a Hair transplant does not apply to problems; most problems related to hair that can be treated are because of changes in lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, stress or poor nutrition. Hence, a hair transplant is unnecessary, but for people suffering from problems like no hair in places, patchy baldness, and pattern baldness, a hair transplant jumps in like a knight in shining armour.

Hair transplant in Punjab, again, is important to understand that does not guarantee 100% results to people who have the issues within a stipulated period; it depends on the degree of damage done to the hair or the stages of hair loss the individual is going through. The hair follicles post the procedure of hair transplant are in a very nascent stage; hence it is the responsibility of the dermatologist to educate the patient about the pros and cons of the procedure and the patient to cooperate with the advice of the doctor to get the desired results.


1.   SPLIT ENDS – yes, you heard us right. In the case of split ends, a genuine doctor shall never suggest you opt for a hair transplant procedure because split ends are a meagre problem that can be diagnosed with a proper oil massage, controlled level of estrogen production and proper diet; hence a hair transplant is something that is not necessary for split ends.

2.   SLOW Growth of Hair –  The reason for the slow growth of hair is because of one of the reasons being scalp build. Scalp build is the accumulation of Dirt, grime and dead cells, which block the absorption of nutrients up to the hair roots and thus reduce hair growth over time.

3.   HAIR FALL – One of the major reasons for hair fall is stress; stress causes deviations in dietary preferences. People tend to overeat when in stress and also tend to undereat when there is acute stress like the loss of a loved one or depression; hence it is always advisable to accept situations as they are and also move on with time so that the scope of loosing hair is less. People are also advised to indulge in mindfulness activities to calm their nerves and promote a better flow of blood circulation to the hair follicles.

4.   DANDRUFF – A hair transplant is also not recommended in the case of dandruff because dandruff happens when there is excessive washing of hair when the oils are washed out. The body gets a message to produce more oil when the bacteria begin to eat the dead cells and cause dandruff.

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