Pediatric urgent care in Frisco defining the reasons

When Does Stomach Pain Warrant a Trip to Urgent Care?

That uncomfortable feeling in the stomach is a genetic condition that is found in many children. In many cases, you know the reason, like your child may have overeaten a meal. Sometimes the reason is unknown, but the symptoms go away quickly. However, if the pain remains consistent and sharp, it would be a great time to call urgent pediatric care in FriscoER of Dallas has a children’s pediatric center in Frisco near you, so if your child has a sick feeling in their stomach. We have all the necessary diagnosing techniques to help them better. Moreover, knowing why your child has a stomach ache will assist you in making a better judgment.

Pediatric urgent care in Frisco defining the reasons behind stomach pain.

The stomach is the organ that is responsible for the digestion of your food. Additionally, they create enzymes that break the food that you consume. Afterward, it sends the broke products toward the small intestine. Similarly, our specialists of emergency pediatric care in Frisco also suggest that you might feel due to overeating or eating spoiled food. These types of problems usually get solved easily with some OTC medications. However, our urgent pediatric care in Frisco also states some other reasons why you have stomach pain:

  • Vomiting.
  • Stomach Flu.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constipation.
  • Acid reflux.

Moreover, extreme levels of stress can also be the reason why your child has digestive issues and stomach pain. 

The reasons why you should visit the children’s pediatric center in Frisco:

Our experienced pediatricians of 24-hour pediatric urgent care in Frisco recommend you should visit if your child has stomach pain for more than a week or if the pain becomes severe even though they are resting and are in-home care. You should look out for the symptoms that are mentioned and visit ER in Dallas if you have these symptoms:

  • Weight loss for no reason.
  • Constant bloating.
  • Pain or burning feeling during urinating.
  • Bloating and pain that has lasted for more than two days.

Repetition of stomach pain:

Sometimes children suffer from redundant stomach aches. This type of condition worries parents, and sometimes there is no issue to be found. Our experts in pediatric urgent care in Frisco state that this may be due to the stress that the child is feeling. Look for the things that might put stress on your child. These things can happen when they are with their friend, in school, or at home. Visit ER of Dallas for proper diagnosing.

Diagnosing of stomach pain in children:

Sometimes the problem is quite obvious, so doctors don’t suggest any kind of test. However, if there is some kind of uncertainty, your doctor may require the mentioned procedure:

Examined by a specialist doctor.

  1. Special tests.
  2. X-rays.
  3. Stool Sample.
  4. Urine test.
  5. Blood tests.

If tests are performed, doctors should explain the results to you. Some tests take a long period of time.

Treatment of Abdominal pain:

After visiting the pediatric urgent care in Frisco, doctors will suggest the treatment according to the source of pain. Sometimes the treatment can be as simple as sending the child home and suggesting they should rest, consume fluids and eat healthy food. However, if the scenario is critical, the treatments may include hospitalization or even performing surgery.

How to take care of your child when they have stomach pain:

The best way to minimize stomach pain is:

  • If the pain is very severe, give them paracetamol. However, carefully give them the dosage.
  • Put a hot water bottle or wheat bag on their tummy or give them a warm bath.
  • If your child feels hungry, give them bland food like toast, rice, bananas, or cracker.
  • Do not force feed your child if they don’t feel hungry.
  • Make them drink a lot of fluid like juice or pure water.

Ensure that they have plenty of rest.If pain remains consistent, it is best that they should be taken to our 24-hour pediatric urgent care in Frisco.

Here at ER of Dallas, we have the most experienced and certified pediatricians. In addition, our children’s pediatric center in Frisco has all the proper diagnosing tools so that proper care is given to children. Moreover, our 24-hour pediatric urgent is always available. Contact us in case of any pediatric need.

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