20 pieces of furniture to decorate a country interior

The country decoration is full of charm! Inspired by country buildings: English cottage, Provencal farmhouse or farmhouse. It brings an air of romance and poetry to your interior. Here is our selection of furniture and decorative objects essential for a successful chic country decor!


In a country decoration, natural household linen is in order! This will make your interior cozy and light. So wrap your sofa and your cushion in a linen slipcover and add a wool plaid. Your windows must not remain uncovered! Adorn them with pretty curtains that will let the light shine through. The English embroidered white curtains are also great alternatives, which will make your interior a real little cottage. If you want an even more authentic decor, we advise you to cover your table with a gingham tablecloth! If, on the contrary, you want to adopt a modern country decor, turn to more discreet patterns!


If natural materials are popular with country decor, it’s because they evoke the countryside and nature. We therefore advise you to integrate them imperatively into your interior decoration. Among them, we find rattan and wicker! These plant stems will be ideal in the form of baskets in your interior. Useful and practical, they are also charming decorative accessories! Arrange them in your space at your convenience. Near the sofa, to store cushions, for example!


The wood stove is a piece of furniture that we love to find in a country decoration if you do not have a fireplace. Integrate this one into your living room to recreate the rustic atmosphere of the countryside. It will bring warmth and friendliness, in style!


Flowers are essential in a country decoration! They are reminiscent of flower fields and will make your interior a charming and bucolic place. For your floral decoration, we recommend, on the one hand, wild flowers that are found in spring, such as poppies, daisies or even lavender. Freshly picked, they will bring character to your interior! Dried flowers are also expected in your country interior. Combine them with pampas grasses and cotton flowers to create a chic and romantic setting!


Nature continues to take back its rights in your interior! In addition to flowers, add green plants to your country decoration. With their freshness, your interior will be a place where life is good! For your decor to be rustic down to the details, combine them with natural elements. A wicker basket will be ideal as a cache-pot, for example. Fall for the charm of nature!


We love the rustic side of the country decoration! Like a diamond in the rough, a natural solid wood table gives character and makes your kitchen or dining room more authentic. It is not for nothing that the rustic table is considered the essential piece of furniture to have in a country-style decoration! This will bring cachet to your decoration and character.


To accompany your wooden table, chairs will be required. However, do not integrate any type of seats into your interior! Create a harmonious whole with rustic chairs in natural solid wood. Rattan caning and straw seats are also welcome in a country decoration, have fun with the different existing models. Your interior will look like no other!


Rattan is undoubtedly one of the star materials in country decor! We find it, for our greatest pleasure, in quantity in a chic country setting. The rattan armchair is a must in this style of decoration. Integrate it without hesitation: in addition to being a stylish piece of furniture, it is ideal for resting and fully enjoying its idyllic setting!


Here is a decorative accessory that will make your chic country decoration resolutely authentic: fake animal heads! To hang on your living room or dining room wall like hunting trophies. These will enhance your decor. If you’re not a fan of realistic animal heads, you can turn to artistic models: metal, wood, polyresin or even rattan! Each of these materials will bring a particular charm to your country decor.


Animals are an integral part of the natural setting of country decor. Integrate imitation animal skin rugs to bring cachet and character to your room. Among the different materials, we recommend faux sheepskin or cowhide rugs. The first will make your interior more cocooning while the second will bring a rustic side to your decor.


Antique furniture is the essence of a chic country decor! Do not hesitate to add vintage pieces to your interior to stay true to the country style. Among these, the “grandmother’s” wardrobe. It will be the most beautiful effect in a bedroom and will bring an authentic and romantic side to your country decor.


The old dresser has all the assets to be a centerpiece in a country living room. It concentrates in itself the simple, chic and romantic spirit of this style of decoration. Choose it preferably in aged wood. The country air will blow into your home!


Country decoration loves rooms steeped in history! This style of decoration favors old and handcrafted objects. For your crockery, choose plates, glasses and cutlery in porcelain, ceramic or terracotta! Sometimes decorated with floral motifs, these will be perfect for developing a country decoration down to the smallest detail!


The clock is an ideal decorative accessory for a country decoration! It will highlight your wall and add a je-ne-sais-quoi to your interior. Choose, of course, a rather old piece that has character. Here is a small selection of our favorite models: the pendulum clock, the grandfather clock or even the carillon.


The mirror is the big favorite of all interiors! For a country decoration, we choose it rather from the period, adorned with a frame with moldings or in rattan. Play on the details! Your mirror can be a small accessory to place on a console or a large mirror to hang or place against the wall. This one will instantly sublimate your country interior.


The chime is a charming decorative object to add to its country interior. In addition to being able to bring harmony to your decor, visually speaking, the sound it emits is a strong asset for bringing a Zen touch to your interior. Indeed, with it, you will create a real relaxing atmosphere in which you will like to immerse yourself.


Raw wood is a must for country decoration! Integrate a wooden bench into your interior, ideal for enhancing this style of decoration. Versatile, it invests all the rooms of the house. At the entrance, it will be useful for storing objects or for sitting on it. At the foot of the bed, it will add a little something extra to your rustic bedroom decor!


The wooden plank shelf will look great in your country interior. Wood being a raw material, it will contribute to the creation of a natural and charming setting! We find the wooden shelf in all the rooms of the house: the living room, the kitchen, the entrance and the bedroom and you will like to put pretty decorative objects there which recall the spirit of the countryside.


The candle holders will not fail you to perfect your country decoration. Because this style of decoration likes diverted objects, we advise you to favor small glass jars to use as a candle holder. Your interior will be all the more romantic and charming!


In the series of furniture and diverted objects that rural decoration likes, we find the milking stool. This antique furniture used in farms is worthy of a real authentic country decor. You can use it as an extra low stool or as a small coffee table, to place a bouquet of flowers. For more interesting models, check now on Homary.com.


A wooden ladder will make a splash in a country interior. To integrate it into your decoration, divert its use! This is what will make all its charm. You can, for example, use it as a shelf to put various objects on or install it in your bathroom as a towel holder.


The metal watering can is a cult decorative object in the country interior. It brings cachet and originality to your decoration. Again, divert it into a vase for your bouquets of flowers. To achieve the wow effect that this set produces, choose an old watering can, marked by the effect of time. That’s what makes it so charming!

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