Common Mistakes Vapers Make – How to Avoid Them

Common mistakes for electronic cigarette beginners

Common mistakes electronic cigarette vapers make is a small article for you beginners so you will hopefully find your way in the vape jungle

Quitting smoking is a step in the right direction. But if you want to stop using a vape, there are more things that can go wrong. Even though manufacturers have done everything to make e-cigs easier and more efficient in recent years, it is still difficult to choose the right one in the beginning.

Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration, which eventually leads to giving up and going back to regular cigarettes. But this does not have to happen. If you want to quit cigarettes in favor of e-cigarettes, it is important to be aware of the following common mistakes for beginners.

Choosing the wrong device

The first mistake you should avoid is choosing the wrong e-cigarette from the beginning. There are e-cigarettes from them that are extremely easy to use to e-cigarettes that are incredibly complicated.

Many new users can easily handle electronic cigarette up to intermediate level, but there is a learning curve. Since Best pod vape are often cheap, it is best to start with a kit up to intermediate level.

Although beginner kits can look and feel simple, they are fantastic and have many complicated features. But thanks to their ease of use, you get to experience the features without having to worry about learning to control them.

That said, there are many different types of e-cigarettes. which suits different tastes. Let’s take a look.


Starter kits are often both simple and effective. Most can work with a single push of a button. Some models light up when you inhale – no button is needed.

Unlike more advanced e-cigarettes, these new e-cigarettes use refillable pods. When your juice runs out, just refill it and put it back in place. The coils are built into the pods.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these e-cigarettes are very small and discreet. Their cloud production is minimal and they charge in no time.

e-cigarettes pods

Fail with Prime

Learning to replace coil “coils” is a crucial skill especially for beginners. Some Best pod vape require you to change coils, rather than pods. But this is usually not the case – especially with simple devices. If you use common thoughts, reels are an important part of the vaping experience.

Coils “Coils” are different. They vary in a subtle way, but these differences can mean more steam, better taste, a smoother / harder hit, etc. Unfortunately, many beginners make a crucial mistake that can result in additional load or combustion in the coil.

This is where priming comes in. Priming is easy. Just put a few drops of e-juice directly on the exposed cotton on the spool. Give it a second to absorb, then install the coil, fill the tank and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This will ensure that your coil is completely wet when you fire your e-cigarette.

Mix flavors

Many people think it’s fun to mix flavors – and we do not say that it is not. But it can go really fast quickly. Mixing two flavors may sound good in theory, but it can create an inevitable monstrosity that you never want to touch again.

Another problem is a problem called “flavor ghost”. This happens when you change flavors without switching to a new coil or rinsing your tank. Some flavors are not as intense, but heavier ones can really linger.

If you are planning to change flavors, it is best to wait until you have spent your coil and give your tank a quick rinse. Alternatively, you can always buy more than one tank and devote them to a particular taste.

e-cigarettes flavours

Choosing the wrong nicotine level

When you are new to electronic cigarette, it is easy to miss the amount of nicotine you need. There are guidelines, but nothing is in stone. You may find the need to experiment a bit, but also use common sense.

If you only smoke a handful of cigarettes a day, 3mg will suffice for an intermediate and 6mg for a pod system. If you are on a pack of cigarettes a day, 6mg is a good choice if you use an intermediate, and 12mg for pod systems. Increase or decrease only as needed until you find the right balance.

Forget to charge

There is a common myth that it is best to let a battery drain all the way before charging it. This is simply not true. In fact, it will put more strain on your battery.

While not conserving your battery is not a major concern, it is also inconvenient to wait until your Best pod vape runs out of power in the middle of the day. Do yourself a favor and charge your device regularly.

Being a “Vape Snob”

While this certainly does not apply to most vapers, it does ruin a few things for the rest of us.

It is no secret that steam is safer than smoking, and there is no evidence that passive steam is harmful. But that does not change the fact that it is annoying. If you plan to whip, always keep your distance from those around you.

Another thing that some of us fall for is good old-fashioned preaching. It’s great that you quit smoking and found something better, but that does not mean that everyone else is as interested as you. Some people let the whipping come to their heads and start lecturing smokers. Alternatively, they can also brag about it to non-smokers and anyone who wants to listen.

Nobody likes this kind of condescension. Do not discuss vaping unless someone asks about it. But even then, this is not an open invitation to speak. A quick account of what vaping technology is and why you like it should not take forever to explain.

Hope “Common Mistakes Vapers Make” has helped you along the way.

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