Why SEO and Web Development Are Inseparable?

No business can survive without an online presence in this digital age; Therefore, website development becomes inevitable. Website development aims to generate more revenue, increase brand awareness, gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, and generate leads, which leads to increased online sales.

However, most of the time, companies fail to include powerful SEO techniques in their marketing strategy during development which can help increase their organic traffic and take their online approach to the next level.

Key SEO Strategies to Consider While Building Your Website

Here we will discuss some of the main SEO strategies that you should consider while creating a new website or recreating an existing one:

Technical audit before launch

Before publishing your website live, it is necessary to perform a technical audit to check for errors and other issues with your new website. Problems can be anything from slow page loading speeds, faulty forms, broken links, inappropriate designs for mobile, missing functionality, etc. These issues can be rectified prior to launching the website by incorporating technical SEO audits.

Website loading speed rating

The amount of time your website takes to load is directly related to the user experience. The faster your website loads, the better and more positive the user experience will be. On the other hand, if your website is slow, it presents a negative experience. It is very normal for users to search for better performing websites that load faster, otherwise they tend to bounce. As the search engine giant, Google has made Page Experience a ranking factor to update Core Web Vitals, website owners need to fix all the issues that are slowing down their website.

URL structure recommendations

URL structures should be such that both search engine spiders and users can easily understand what content your page holds. A well-structured and properly organized URL structure improves user experience rankings and acts as a body text when linking from different websites. One of the most common mistakes most website owners make is changing the URL structures of websites after making them live. Therefore, it is necessary to apply SEO technique while developing the website. It ensures that your website is launched properly and with as few issues as possible.

The importance of site architecture

The structure of your website is just as important when it comes to search engine optimization for your website. It is a vital aspect of SEO strategies and should be applied at the time of website development to avoid any post-launch conflicts or loopholes. An optimized website structure can keep your site visitors for longer. A well-organized website allows users to easily navigate a larger number of pages. It is also useful in guiding the search engine in determining the relationship between different web pages and improving the user experience.

Keywords and competitor analysis

Keyword research tells you what keywords and key phrases users are using to search for your offers rather than just guessing. Keywords and competitor research guides us to make the right decisions about which keywords to put on your website to help your site rank higher. Additionally, this research can help you analyze the ranking of each keyword (i.e. effective and ineffective SERP keywords) and the keywords your competitors use to target their audiences.

Implementation of meta tags

Meta tags are snippets of text that indicate to search engines the information each web page carries on your website. Unfortunately, when websites are launched for the first time, they fail to implement keyword-optimized meta tags, which hinders their ranking. Similarly, during website migration or upgrade, developers lose their existing meta tags migration. The result is a drop in rankings and traffic. If the experienced SEO specialists perform a proper SEO audit during the website development phase, it will save you from unnecessary stress and ensure that all pages are launched with optimized meta tags.

Content audit

Content is an essential component of the SEO industry. Your content plays an important role in driving your ranking higher in the SERPs. Therefore, high-quality, relevant and useful content that answers users’ search queries is more useful for SEO of a website. Content auditing helps identify missing elements in the content, use relevant keywords and structure the content. It is also vital for internal website links, among many other issues.

Tag Chart

The schema markup code is appended to the content of your webpage to help search engines learn more about your website in order to provide relevant results on SERPs. This can help your website appear more reliable and trustworthy than your competition. Rich and relevant results include images, non-text items, and carousels that appear in SERPs.

Analytics and target tracking

Once you have implemented all the requirements, it is very important to evaluate the results of your activities. Tracking organic and paid traffic is an essential part of the entire search engine optimization process. Regular monitoring of your website visitors will help you understand how users interact with your website, the pages they visit, the length of time they spend on your website, the content they view, and how they navigate. If you miss tracking your website performance and user engagement, you will fail to understand how your website content and functionality can help improve your SEO strategies.

How can SEO experts help you?

Every business owner aims to grow their business, regardless of their size. A strong online presence is an essential tool for staying relevant in this digital age. Let’s say you are looking for popularity and growing acceptance in the digital space. In this case, you should find a professional SEO company that can help your online business grow and achieve your goals effectively.

Logo Designs Lab is a SEO company that understands your niche and can boost your ranking for specific search terms. The SEO specialist will review the keywords your website is currently ranking for, take your keyword wish list and perform additional keyword research to create a list that makes more sense for your website and competitive landscape.

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