Variety of Filter Bag Produced by Filter Cloth Manufacturer in India

To solve the industrial cleanliness problems, we felt the need for any resource or medium that can improve the environment quality. Industries are searching for the best filter bag material (fiberglass filter bag, pp filter bag, etc.)for various purposes. 

Be it groundwater, wastewater, industrial process water, cooling water, or any other water, filter media is very useful to serve different water cleaning. Understand the application area requirements, features and buy the premium filter bag and other filter media material.

If the industries are surrounded by hot temperatures then high-temperature dust color bags would be good for filtration purposes. The technology is specially designed for such industries. Apart from High-temperature filter bags, many other types of bag filter media are popular across industries and residential places.

Get a brief description of these filter bags.

PPS, Aramid, Fiberglass filter bag and its implementation areas

  • Fiberglass filter bag media 

If the industrial area needs a filtration bag that can consume and clear the dust from 500deg. F.high temperatures. A fiberglass filter is capable of managing that. Fiberglass filter media is made of high dense fiberglass filaments. It serves the best purposes in the chemical, energy, and minerals industries. 

The fiberglass filter bag is available at affordable rates. It is easily accessible at any local filter manufacturer and supplier firm. You can choose any color media or fiberglass filter media. You can select this filter media to treat carbon and silicon alkalis.

  • P84 filter media

P84 filter is also suitable for a similar temperature environment where you are implementing the fiberglass filter media. You can install this P84 filter media in moisture and high-temperature environment. 

These filter media have high resistance to acidic environments. Many filter media manufacturers import this filter fabric from Germany to serve the best performance-based filter treatments. 

P84 filter media is an expensive one and best to implement in the energy, glass, limekilns, cement, power, melting, ceramic industry. It is one of the most common filter media implemented in industries for filtration needs.

  • Aramid Filter Media

Nomex is known as Aramid filter media. It can function well at the temperature of 400deg F. It shows they are perfect for the high-temperature industrial environment. 

It is also a multipurpose filter media that has numerous advantages for different application requirements. It is great to manage household pollution. These filter media are easily identified by their yellow color but are not suitable for the acidic environment.

  • PPS Filter Media

PPS filter media is the preferred media to manage pollution in an alkaline and acidic environment. They are good at serving dust collection treatments in various industries. 

If you are the owner of a chemical firm industry and looking for a high-performance filter media material then PPS has the higher capability and efficiency to make the surrounding industrial area. PPS can function better at 375deg F. temperature and minimize chemical pollution.

PPS filter media is also implemented in the cement industry, asphalt, black carbon, coal-fired boilers, incinerators, etc.

PPS has two other names Procon and Ryton but mostly people search them as PPS filter media.

All four filter media materials are easily accessible to the local market at decent rates and manage the cleanliness surrounding the industrial area.

Apart from all 4 filter media materials, you can purchase polyester, cotton, and other non-woven woven filter fabric for industrial cleanliness requirements. All filter bags are available at different rates. 

If you are hunting for the filter media firstly, figure out your industrial requirements and share it with the filter bag supplier or filter cloth manufacturer to get a desirable filter bag and eliminate the alkalis, chemical, acidic, and water pollution surrounding the areas.

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