How To Charge Your Apple iPad Faster?

Fast charging is an official feature for Android devices. With the fast-charging support, one can charge a device up to 50% battery in 30 minutes. But Apple does not provide fast charging support on all its offerings.

You can leverage this benefit only if you have iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the latest iPhone 11 series.

As per Apple, charging any iPhone and iPad model should only be done by a USB charging port. Particularly the USB-C port. If you have a 10 W or have been using a 5W power adapter that usually comes with iPad mini models, you can use the Apple one up.

Here the blog is all about how to speed up the Apple iPad charging process.

Lesser-Known Tips for Charging iPad Faster

Apple iPad offers excellent battery backup with a single charge. But charging is slow and frustrating. One can use the iPad for 6 hours straight after charging. If you are in a hurry and the slow charging process tests your patience, you need to read these tips.

Do you want to charge the Apple iPad fast? 

Here is how you can!

1)      Charge iPad on Airplane mode

When you charge an iPad with airplane mode on, you can charge it quickly. Do so only if you can delay the calls or check the best deals to take out loans for single mums for some time. Yes, it requires patience, but you will love the results. Charging in airplane mode saves the battery from draining as well. Isn’t that interesting?

2)      Remove the iPhone case

Before you plug your phone into charging, remove the case. Apple models require the proper temperature to function to their complete potential.

In contrast, charging these inside cases may cause excessive heat, affecting the battery. Remove the case if you feel your device is heated while charging. It will help you charge the device effectively.

3)      Do not use the wrong charger

Do you have the right charger?

Do you use your iPhone charger to charge your iPad?

The iPad takes 4-5 hours to charge due to this problem:

If you use a dedicated iPad charger, it will charge in less than 30 minutes.

Use USB-C to lightning cable and one of these adapters:

Apple 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W,87W and 96W

Use a comparable third-party USB-C power adapter supporting USB Power Delivery.

If you aren’t sure of the charger you are using, you can check the watt on the charger itself. It is mentioned either at the top or the bottom of a charger.

The same goes for other Apple devices-iPhones and MacBooks.

Apart from this, do not use the iPad while charging. It will then take longer to charge it.

4)      Age of your device

How old is your device?

Is it 9-10 years old?

The functionality of the device slows down as it gains years. Wear and tear affect the charging capacity. You now have your “why”.  Yes, there could be other reasons as well.

5)      Charge by connecting to a Mac

Well, there aren’t many rumours that Mac chargers work well for iPad as well. But the Mac chargers are high-power chargers. Apple computers have unique specifications for their ports.

It affects the charging speed. Mac USB 2.0 rated at 500mA at 5V, Mac with USB 3.0 offers 900mA at 5V. And this is not least, Mac with USB 3.0 can provide up to 1100mA at 5V under some conditions. There are certain guidelines to using Mac USB for charging your iPad. Here are the guidelines:

Apple peripheral devices must be plugged in.

The Apple computer or display must be powered on and awake

Providing extra power is determined by the Apple peripheral device to connect to the Apple counter.

Keep the computer awake while you charge an iPhone via Mac. Keep the computer awake while charging proceeds. Plug the Macs into the mains.

6)      Fix “Accessory not supported error”

Have you noticed a pop-up saying- “Accessory not supported” after you put your Apple iPad in charge?

If you want to fix this, you can do this:

  • Open iPad Settings and tap the Touch
  • Authenticate it with your iPad passcode
  • Scroll down and toggle on USB accessories

7)      Charge your iPad while using it

It is practical not to use an iPad while it is on a charge, but what if you can charge fast along with using it?

Yes, you can do it. Here is how:

  • Turning off active downloads
  • Switching on the airplane mode
  • IPad screams consume more power when you set the brightness to maximum. Set your iPad’s screen brightness to a minimum to charge it quickly. You can do this in settings.

Settings→ Display and brightness

8)      Use earphones instead of iPad speakers

It is heart-breaking to give up on an immersive sound experience. If you wish to charge your iPad fast, it requires a bit of compromise.

Switching from speakers to earphones will help you use the iPad longer. Using iPad speakers for hours drains the battery quickly. Instead, use air pods or EarPods for viewing or listening to songs. Thus, keep your device’s speaker volume as low as possible.

9)      Close battery-draining apps while charging

Is your iPad taking longer than usual to charge?

It could be because of other applications running in the background.

For example, if the weather or calculator runs, it can drain the battery. Apart from this, specific applications drain the battery.

Check and close all applications running in the background. The charger will not only enhance charging but also ensure smooth operation with a long battery backup. But if you feel you need that application anytime, do not close it. Quitting and re-opening the application after seconds consumes less battery.

10)   Check the wall socket and cable

Check whether the charging points or the socket supports high charging or not. If you are using a general USB-C wire, it is recommended to change it. Use the original Apple cable. If you feel the wire is broken, replace it. You can also clean the charging port for better results.

These are some ways that can help you charge your iPad fast. Apart from these, you can switch off the iPad and keep it in charge. It will charge quickly. Hope this article helps you improve the battery backup and charge your iPad quickly.

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