Comparing Straight Shower Baths and Freestanding Bathtubs

Comparing Straight Shower Baths and Freestanding Bathtubs

Most bathroom in the UK has Straight shower Baths. But with time, there is so much innovation in everything and bathtubs are no exception to it. Therefore, whenever you plan for a bathtub, there are a standard single option and many different styles, types, and sizes. That means you will have to make a series of choices to get the right choice finally. Another reason is that baths are no more a fixture that you use for a bath but a utility that has a high impact on the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. So, while making a bathtub choice, you don’t only need to look for the most practical option for your bathroom but also look for something that fits your aesthetic requirements. 

The main options when you plan for bathtub installation are making a choice between standard baths, showers, and freestanding types. In this article, we are comparing all these options so you can get an idea of which one is the best for your bathroom.

Straight Baths and Other Types – What’s the Key Difference?

The main difference between a Straight Bath is its type and functionalities. Although all bathtubs are equally functional and aesthetically pleasing, the major difference lies in where you can preferably install them. For example, a standard bath is a traditional-style bathtub that has a simple shape with a tap on one side and a straight end on another. It is simple, economical, and serves its purpose. 

However, in modern times standard baths are also available as shower baths. These baths combine the dual functionalities of using as a shower whenever necessary. In case you have some extra space available, you can opt for the different shower bathtub shapes like l shape and p shape bathtub. These offer an even better shower experience than a shower bath. One of these baths has a square shape that provides extra space for a comfortable shower. The freestanding bathtubs that directly sits on the ground rather than fitting along the wall are different from all of these options. You can place it anywhere you want, and it is usually suitable for a luxurious look in the bathroom. 

Straight Baths and Other Types – What’s the Difference in Costs?

The cost is the major factor that plays a decisive in making the right bathtub choice. The bathtub ranges vary depending on the type, brand, and material used in terms of costs. Generally, baths can be of iron cast, plastic, ceramics, or acrylic. If you are looking for a reasonable economical option, then acrylic should be your top choice. Most modern baths are available in this material and don’t have very higher price tags. So regardless of the type of bathtub you choose, you don’t have much price difference between Straight Baths UK and shower baths. Freestanding bathtubs, however, is a separate story. Since most of these are luxurious pieces that are commonly used for the large bathroom, these can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. 

Straight Baths and Other Types – Practical Considerations?

It is important that when making the bathtub choice, you must consider a few important practicalities. Among them is the space issue. If you have a space issue, then your obvious choice would be a built-in bathtub because most of the bathrooms in the UK are anyway designed in such a way that they will only fit in the straight type of bath. In comparison, the freestanding baths will need more space. So, your choice should be based on whether you have enough space available or not. Another thing is that with freestanding, you will not need the panels to cover the sides. These are essential for any straight or shower bathtub. 

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