Why MOT is Essential for a Vehicle? | MOT Test

MOT is termed as Ministry of Transport. It is the test that is performed for vehicle safety, the performance of the vehicle on the road. The test is performed in the UK to check the working condition of the vehicle, whether it is safe for driving or not, and Tyre Fit Auto offers high-class MOT in Leamington Spa, which you can easily go with the advanced upgradations of your vehicle. There is a criterion for the test that the vehicles that are older than three years will go through this test.

The components that should be checked for an MOT test

  • Checking the functioning of the tyres. Testing of the brake lights, horns, indicators, washers, windscreen wipers, exhaust system and checking for the condition of the body of the car is an essential factor. Checking for the emission tests and assuring for the petrol and engine tests also plays a vital role in it.
  • Checking for the properly arranged wheel bearings, the finely attached seat belts and yes most important the automatic lock brake system. Identifying the tread depth is also an initial factor that needs to be monitored. Checking the steering locks, the speedometers, the electronic stability control, the testing of the battery and wiring and yes the restraint systems.

What is the time that is required for an MOT test to be done?

The normal time that is taken to perform an MOT test is 45- 60 minutes. There are also several factors involved in conducting the MOT test. If the car fails to pass the test then, the time consumed for testing the various components and functions of the vehicle will be much more. It is not allowed to drive a car or vehicle if the machine has failed the MOT test due to the safety concerns that the government has planned for the citizens of their country. 

How much cost does an MOT take?

 It entirely depends on the performance of the car and the maintenance that has been taken to look after the car. If you look after the car then things will not be expensive for you and it will be less time consuming for you too. Checking the engine working of the car, checking for the engine oil levels for a smoother performance is essential as well.

How can we minimize the chance that is our car should not be rejected from the MOT test?

  • Go for checking the coolant levels-Checking for the coolant levels of the engine is also a vital thing that should be considered. Checking for the air filter of the car is most important because it is the way how your car breathes. So make sure that there should not be any debris accumulated in the filter of the car.
  •  Inspect the leakage-Checking for the leakage of the car is yet the most important thing that needs to be considered. The fluids that need to be checked for leakage are engine oil and antifreeze. Not relying on the engine fuel on the reserve fuel of the engine of the car because it has a bad impact on the functioning of the engine which will slow its performance rate too.
  • Looking for the correct working of the engine-Checking for the working of the engine belts as they should function properly if, some damage to them is done then it will have a worse impact on the engine performance. So make sure you are checking it. Your car shows some signs when it is not in a maintained condition and the engine light is a sign when the car screams for help. Do not ignore it and rush to the repair centre as early as possible.
  •  Go for changing the fuel filter-Replacing the fuel filter is an essential thing that needs to be considered so that the oil can reach the engine components cleanly. 

Why a car fails the MOT test?

Several factors lead to MOT failure. When the brake lights are not working properly. Keeping an eye on the headlights and indicators is a crucial thing that needs to be considered. Make sure when you are going for an MOT in Leamington Spa, you are not going with an empty tank. It will cause difficulty to perform the test.

Checking for the number plate of the car that is clear and visible. Checking for the suspension checks of the car and the shock absorbers if, the car while driving is going in a good condition without being upside down in a weird manner then, your car will pass the MOT test otherwise you have to wait for the MOT test to be passed and Tyre Fit Auto offers you the services through which your vehicle will pass the MOT test easily. While choosing these services you will have a comfortable ride.

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