Top Emotional Intelligence Apps to Help You Live a Balanced Life

Human beings are not robots nor should they consider themselves as one. Their emotions make them both human and humane at the same time. Fortunately, in recent times, emotional intelligence has gained significance over other types of intelligence, and for good reason too.

Gen-Z values emotional intelligence more than IQ because they have learned a difficult lesson that the previous generations didn’t recognize: if you don’t appropriately deal with feelings do not recognize them, register them, or give them their due importance, then these can burst out in the most unexpected of ways at the most unexpected of times.

While technology has brought the world to our fingertips with the various kinds of tools readily available for the human population, we are extremely fortunate that the world today is far more aware than it was yesterday.

Visit any local bookstore and you will find that an entire section is dedicated to the self-help and self-improvement section. Alternatively, simply skim and scan the internet and you will find hordes of articles that aim to enhance your knowledge about emotional intelligence as it is given more significance today.

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The Top Emotional Intelligence Apps That Would Help You Live The Balanced Life That You Desire

Emotional intelligence apps will help you navigate through social, personal, or professional problems with ease and without any kind of distress. On the optimistic side, such emotional intelligence apps will further let you boost feelings of positivity and empathy while motivating you in the long run. Listed below are some top apps for Android and iOS that can help you enhance your emotional intelligence:

The App That Will Help You To Understand Yourself Better – Sintelly

This exceptional tool can help to develop a thorough understanding of emotional intelligence in users who may not have an awareness of this cognitive capability. Users will instantly feel at ease as this app comes with numerous amazing features while enjoying the diverse list of categories that they can work on. For example, there are plenty of articles and discussions on human relations and creativity in connection with enhanced emotional health.

Moreover, you can also quiz yourself to understand the topic better. Numerous options are also available for the user to participate in related forums, where the user gets an opportunity to express their personalized viewpoints relating to the topic. There is also the bookmark option where the user can also bookmark an article or any content that they want to save for future reading. That’s where this option comes in handy.

The user can simply pin the article on their profile so that it is easier to access it. On the other hand, they can also share their thoughts and experiences in the discussion section of the app. While this app is free to download, there are in-app purchases available for advance plans that a user can purchase as per his preference.

The App That Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Emotions – MoodFlow

This app is simply spectacular when it comes to tracking the wide range of emotions and moods you feel every second of every day. If you want to keep a track of your mental well-being, this is it.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and various options are available, where a user can customize the background and profile image as per their liking. The user even has the option to select their preferred language, change the appearance of the calendar, and even set a password to provide access.

The user has to fill a survey about the various habits and moods of the user during the day. This is meant to gather insightful user data, that will further help to analyze emotional health, understand mood changes and their related influencing factors during the day.

The user also has the option of 28-Days Habit Challenge that aims to help the user build new habits within the said number of days. Download the app now for enhanced moods and better changes in your emotional well-being.

The App That Will Help You Keep Smiling – Egao

This is a smiling app that puts a smile on your face. Egao is designed in such a way that you attract positive energy, stress is released, and your overall mood is elevated. Hence, a great reason to smile wildly. This app functions in a simple way: the user has to tap a smiling picture, which will further allow this app to track the total number of your smile and its duration.

There is also a reminder feature that regularly reminds the user to remain calm and smile. Additionally, the user can also view stats related to their smile count and the total period you smiled to indicate and further evaluate the level of happiness in your life. While there is no precision in the stats provided by this app but it’s just a healthy reminder for us to smile more in our lives!

The Bottom Line…

At present, EQ is reckoned to be more important than IQ in the world.  Our emotions can often make us feel overwhelmed, that’s why, every so often, we need tools and devices that can help us regulate them and balance them out. Although improving emotional health is not as easy as it sounds, such apps often come in handy. In the sense, that they help to motivate you when you feel your lowest.

We hope that some of the top emotional intelligence apps that were listed above will help you live the balanced life that you desire!

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