Read Pros and Cons of Switching Winter Tyres

Once the cold weather arrives, you’ve to decide whether your car requires winter tyres or not. These tyres are useful for winter driving when extra grip and traction become essential. Winter tyres ensure a firm grip while driving the vehicle on a wet and slippery surface. But before deciding, it’s better to first understand what is winter tyres all about. 

What’s a Winter Tyre?

Winter tyres are different from standard tyres because of their softer rubber compound and tread pattern design. It has biting edges with several tiny slits that ensure optimal traction on wet, icy and snowy roads. These tyres are ideal for use in areas, where the temperatures are constantly below 7 degrees Celsius. Debica Tyres Birmingham incorporates a unique tread compound that can maintain flexibility even in freezing weather and provide extra grip in slushy, icy and snowy conditions. They have deeper tread elements with a higher number of sipes and slots, enhancing the grip on wintry roads. 

Pros of Winter Tyres 

Listed below are some of the many benefits of using winter tyres in cold weather:-

Improved Grip – When driving through snow and ice, the enhanced grip of winter tyres is a vital benefit. These tyres have a tread pattern that can grip the snow firmly. The tread incorporates deeper grooves and larger tread blocks that cut through the ice and snow. The tyre’s grooves throw the snow back to the road and keep it away from getting into the tread. Although, it’s common with all-season tyre tread patterns.

Excellent Braking – Winter tyres provide exceptional braking performance. If you’ve been in a situation where you’re trying to stop the car in the ice and snow, but instead of braking, your vehicle is sliding on the surface. This condition is a nightmare for many car drivers. But, with winter tyres, their sturdy grip enables the car to come to a stop whenever required. 

Longevity – When you change your regular car tyres or all-season tyres, you’re prolonging their lifespan by not driving them throughout the year. While you’ll have to get two different sets of tyres for your vehicle, you’ll be saving money on the hefty expenses of tyre repair and replacements in the long run. 

Avoid Corrosion – These units feature a unique tread pattern design that can withstand the cold weather efficiently. In several parts of the country, people put salt on the roads to ensure hassle-free driving. But, the effects of the chemicals can be damaging for an off-season tyre. Moreover, if the tyre has cracks, dents or chips in its coating, it will result in rust and corrosion with time. It’s true for alloy wheels, but if you have steel wheels in your car, you don’t have to be concerned about it. When you equip specific winter tyres and rims to your vehicle, it enables you to let those wheel rims take a beating in the cold weather. Once the winter is over, you can change your tyres back to the standard ones or all-season. 

Reduced Wear and Tear – The winter tyres go through a lot in the freezing weather. Even though they are of premium quality and highly durable, they require regular maintenance. Mounting and demounting the tyres constantly can damage the wheel rims of the car. Hence, give the tyres a break in the summer season to ensure reduced wear and tear, translating to longer service life for the tyres. 

Cons of Winter Tyres 

Every tyre has its set of compromises. Here are the disadvantages of winter tyres:-

Poor Handling – Winter tyres might deliver optimal grip and braking performance, but they can handle the vehicle as the all-season tyres. When driving a car in snowy and icy conditions, one needs to be very careful. The tyre doesn’t provide you with as much handling and control required in such conditions. 

Soft Rubber – These tyres incorporate a softer rubber compound with more silica content than all-season tyres, making the tyre wear down faster. When the cold season gets over, it’s essential to change the tyres and equip all-season tyres for the vehicle. Driving on winter tyres when they’re not required can affect the treadwear and ultimately damage the tyre. 

Tough on Roads – Although winter tyres have a softer rubber compound than their other counterparts, their tread grip can cause them to dig into the asphalt. These tyres are only suitable for winter weather. If you drive on winter tyres all year round, the roads can damage the tyre. 

At BR Car Care Centre, we understand driving in the cold weather can be a wreck the havoc. Therefore, we offer winter tyres from the best tyre brands worldwide. Additionally, you can get your winter tyres fitted to your car at our auto garage. Besides winter Car Tyres Birmingham, we also have summer tyres, all-season tyres, high-performance tyres, etc. Visit our workshop or call our friendly experts to learn more about us. 

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