The roots of the engagement are found in Jewish customs, from the Abrahamic period, and were later accepted by both the Greeks and the Romans. Roman marriage law derives from the custom of giving engagement rings in Dubai. Engagement is part of wedding customs through which two people decide to formally crown their love. It is customary for the engagement ring to be worn on the left hand, i.e. the ‘hand from the heart’. In the Middle Ages, doctors considered that it was in the fourth finger of the left hand that there was a ‘Vena Amoris’ leading to the heart itself. 

In this blog post, I will explain to you, in a nutshell, everything you need to know before you decide to buy the ring. Also, from a woman’s perspective, I will try to help you with my subjective opinion, on how to successfully choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend. My experience in the production and sale of engagement rings Dubai records its 12th anniversary, with that I want to tell you ‘I got the credentials’ 🙂 I’ll explain to you what an engagement ring is, what it should look like, what’s the difference between an engagement ring with a diamond, zircon, etc.  I hope to help you.

Engagement rings UAE


In its form, the engagement ring should be distinguished in its form from the rings that the girl has and will receive in the future. The Diamond engagement rings in Dubai is characterized by a single central stone that is slightly protruding and striking. The central stone can be independent or can be accompanied by smaller pebbles on the sides. It is by this central stone that the engagement ring differs from the other rings. The engagement ring on the arm is, among other things, a social message that clearly says that the girl is ‘off the market’ (from this he does not need to be too small). 

An engagement ring can be made of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver. The white gold engagement ring is still the most popular. In our market, a platinum engagement ring is very rarely sought after. The silver-on-eye engagement rings in Dubai look identical to that of white gold, but their price is up to three times the price of a white gold engagement ring with zircon. 

How to choose the material of an engagement ring? 

If your girlfriend wears only silver and white gold, choose a white gold engagement ring in Dubai (if you can’t afford it, choose silver). If your girlfriend is wearing yellow gold choose a yellow gold engagement ring (if you can’t afford it, choose gold-plated silver).

The stone in the engagement ring can be diamond, zircon, ruby, emerald, pearl…

I would like to point out that we girls (the vast majority, except for extremely sporty types of girls) do not want to characterize our Diamond engagement rings Dubai as practical. It is important to us that he is beautiful and that he is in our style. When we tell our girlfriends we’re engaged, the first reaction of the feminine is ‘Let me see the ring’. When we look at each other’s hands we want to feel the excitement of ‘That’s it and he’s the one 🙂  We’re really not interested in wanting to get him drunk on a power cloth or nylons. We’ll keep an eye out. In short, when choosing a Diamond engagement rings Dubai, your priority should be its aesthetics, not pragmatics. 

(I note this because I have experienced so many times that guys worry that the stone is too big and will get drunk, be inconvenient for everyday wear… I often manage to talk them out of such ideas, but sometimes they still buy a practical, tiny ring that leaks to which it does not belong in style.)


Great. Actually huge, but not so visible to the eye.

The difference between diamonds and zircons is in their chemical composition, sites, offer and all other eyes not so visible physical characteristics and perhaps most importantly here, the difference in price. 

 Zircon is a mineral belonging to a group of neosylicates, its formula is Zr[SiO4]. Zircon is found in nature in a wide range of colors, from colorless, which in jewelry store is our substitute for diamond, to red, yellow, green, blue, you name it. Zircon is a common mineral (all present in the Earth’s crust) found around the world. Its supply exceeds the demand for it, which affects the relatively low price of zircons.  Zircon belongs to the group of semi-precious stones.

Diamond is also a mineral, the hardest mineral in nature, which by chemical composition is pure carbon that is formed into its structure by crystallization at high temperatures due to strong pressure. Diamonds are formed (created) in the Earth’s mantle (structure under the Earth’s crust) at a depth of 150km and below. Diamond belongs to the group of precious stones (other minerals in this group are ruby, emerald, and sapphire) and in this group, it is the most prized, rarest, and most expensive. The supply of diamonds is less than the demand for them, which also affects the formation of such a high price of this precious stone. There are theories that say that the offer of diamonds is artificially maintained at this level (by limiting both raw and processed Diamond engagement rings in Dubai that is released on the market) so that there is no downward price correction. True or not, the price is unfortunately very high and will remain so as it seems. 

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