5 Most Common Water Geyser Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Installation of a geyser is a complicated process. If you get it done right, you can avoid most of the potential issues.  Otherwise, it may lead to certain disasters such as bursts, burns, or explosions, which may cost you injuries. You may have to spend a hefty amount of your money on frequent repairs and replacements.

Faulty installation may lead to more energy consumption which may cause an increase in your electricity bills. That is why you should get your geyser installed correctly. You can book geyser services in Johar Town, Lahore, for effective installation of your geyser.

Common Installation Mistake You should Avoid

If you want your geyser to keep running without any problems in the future, you should get it installed rightly. In this way, half of your problems will die on the spot. You can install your geyser perfectly by avoiding these mistakes:

1. Incorrect Pipe Soldering

This is one of the most common mistakes you may make while installing your geyser. The water can leak through the joint site when the pipes are not connected properly. In this way, tons of liters of water may go in vain. You will have to switch your geyser on, again and again, to heat more water for your needs. This may lead to more energy consumption which will cause a rise in your electricity bills.

Therefore, make sure that the pipes are soldered perfectly and check the water flow to confirm. The best way of soldering geyser pipes is to heat them after holding them together. You can use soldering materials and then apply heat to make them adhere.

If you still notice the water leakage from the soldered pipes, it means you did not perform the process well. You should solve the problem as soon as possible to prevent your water leakage. Geyser repair in Model Town Lahore can help you solder the pipes effectively without damaging the water tank.

2. Leaving Insufficient Space around the Geyser

When you try to install your geyser on your own without having the proper skills and tools, you may damage it. This can lead to paying a lot of money for repairs or replacement.

You may also book an inexperienced handyman to install your new geyser. He may not know about the exact dos and don’ts while installing. Due to a lack of relevant training and experience, he may install your geyser without leaving a good place between the geyser and walls.

The purpose of place around the geyser is that when you need to connect or disconnect some more pipes or wires, then it would be easy. That is why it is important to book a skilled plumber for the effective installation of your geyser.

You can find skilled plumbers online by booking professional geyser services in Model Town Lahore. Expert handymen know how to and where to install a geyser for its optimum functioning.

3. Improper Fixture of Relief Valve

The relief valve is an important component of the geyser to control the temperature and pressure. If the water tank’s temperature is rising, the relief valve will try to maintain it at an optimum level. Moreover, if the geyser’s steam goes beyond a sufficient level, the relief valve will control it.

Therefore, you should fix the relief valve properly to ensure your safety. In this way, your geyser will remain under the watch of the relief valve.

But if you try to fit the relief yourself, it may not control the levels of steam and temperature. In such a situation, your geyser may burst, which may cost you injuries. You may also be deprived of hot water. You will have to spend a lot of money to replace your geyser.

4.Neglecting Installation Instructions

When you purchase a new geyser, the supplier may also provide you with an installation guide. If you ignore the installation steps, you may make costly mistakes that hurt your pocket.

That is why you should not be a plumber on your own and hire a skilled plumber to install your geyser effectively. He knows everything about installation and maintenance. His years-long experience makes him the right match for you.

To get the services of a professional handyman, you can book geyser installation in Johar Town Lahore. They know all the installation steps and ways to install your geyser at the right height and place.

5. Dry Firing

The dry firing means turning your geyser on when its water tank is empty. Many people make a mistake in checking their newly purchased geyser.

If you switch on your geyser without filling its water tank with water, it may be dangerous for your geyser. It may burn out the electrical heating elements of your geyser. In this way, your geyser may break down. It may be a cause for making cracks in your water tank.

So, do not ever try to dry firing your geyser because it may cause costly damages. As you will end up spending a lot of money on repairs.

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