Things To Know Before Applying For A Home Loan

Investing in a home is one of the primary financial decisions most people make in their life. Those that need it a home of their own would prefer to opt for a mortgage loan, but availing a mortgage is not as easy as it is said. Many people are not aware of all the formalities that certain must fulfill to get a home loan acceptance. Individuals who want to avail a home loan for the first time should stay alert to lots of things such as interest rate, credit score, several fees related to home loan, documentation and much more.

Going for a house is a once in a lifetime decision rendering it important that you can pick the best home loan product on the market. You ought to know of the essential pieces of a mortgage before selecting the right kind of mortgage loan offer for you. Below are a few of the most frequent things you should consider before availing a home loan:

Applying For A Home Loan

Credit Score

A credit history is one of the most crucial and essential factors which banks consider before providing any loan to their customers. So, any individual who would like to avail of a mortgage should maintain a good credit history. As it is an essential need to apply for almost any loan within the bank sector. So, it’s important to truly have a CIBIL rating of more than 750 to be able to avail of a home loan. And earn better interest rates on your mortgage loan. Keeping a good credit history is not rough and can be done by causing timely payments for your bank cards and existing loans without fail.

Interest rate

Every individual should check and consider the home loan interest of several lenders and financial institutions. Anyone who would like to avail mortgage loan should compare different lenders for the cheapest interest levels available. Before that one should be aware of the various types of interest rates available.

Home Loan Tenure

Every person that really wants to avail of a mortgage should choose mortgage loan tenure before availing of a mortgage. Your home loan EMIs immediately rely upon your mortgage loan tenure. Lenders have a tendency to prefer mortgage loan job seekers with shorter repayment durations. A brief repayment period is also beneficial for you as it decreases the home loan interest burden on your EMIs. With shorter tenure your monthly payments increase but eventually, it will help you in lessening your mortgage loan cost.

Processing Fees

Processing fees will be the demand that any home loan borrower must pay to the lending company once the mortgage loan request is accepted. Generally, different banking institutions or finance institutions charge loan digesting fees up to 1% of the house loan that they disburse. You will need to search for the right standard bank that charges low finalizing fees or fee negligible finalizing fees.


Equated Monthly Installments is the payment a borrower must make on a monthly basis towards repayment of the home loan. The equated regular installment amount will depend on you. EMI amount also is determined by the deposit you make during buying your home. More the deposit you make minimal is the stress of fantastic amount that will convert into EMIs. It will always be recommended to make sure that your EMI amount will not go over 45% of your total income. You could Calculate EMI through MORTGAGE LOAN EMI Calculator.

Home Loan Documents

Before availing of a home loan, you should always read the conditions and conditions of your bank or lender carefully before signing the documents related to your home loan. You should be aware of the different charges, fees, and penalties brought up at home loan document.

Down Payment

Generally, when you avail of any mortgage loan. You need to pay 10% to 15% of the full total mortgage loan amount as a deposit. The rest of the mortgage loan amount converted as your mortgage loan EMI. That you will ask to pay every month. If you have surplus cash available, you can improve the deposit. As it could enable you to save on the eye to pay in the foreseeable future.

Additional Charges

Aside from your mortgage loan EMIs, lenders and finance institutions may fee any additional fees during application. Ensure that you discuss these charges with your standard bank or lender beforehand.

Pre-payment penalty

Based on the recent RBI guidelines, any loan company or lender not supposed to fee the pre-payment penalty. With no penalty on prepayment, you can freely make any incomplete payment. Once you have surplus cash available after availing of your home loans.

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