Opposites attract: is it the truth or a myth?

Opposites attract – You’ve probably heard the phrase “opposites attract” at least a thousand times in your life. And you may have experienced this situation yourself.

The real question is why are opposites so attracted to each other? It is common knowledge that opposites attract, but not why it happens.

Love certainly sometimes takes mysterious paths, but this phenomenon is perhaps understandable.

What is it that irresistibly attracts a good girl to a bad man or, conversely, a good boy to a bad girl?

Why do people who speak another language or have a foreign accent attract us so much?

Why does someone with completely opposite opinions annoy you so much, when you feel the urge to hug and kiss them at the same time?

There are many reasons why this type of magnetic attraction occurs, and they are very good reasons. Here are a few.

1. Genetics play a major role

A different immune system in parents means that children are better protected against disease.

For this reason, a woman will look for better genes just to increase the chances of survival of her offspring.

We don’t seem too different from animals, do we?

Experts also say that women can be attracted to men with completely different immune systems. This is probably why good girls tend to be attracted to toxic men most of the time.

2. A way to discover yourself

One of the best ways to find out more about yourself is to find yourself in a situation that under normal circumstances you would never find yourself.

When you can’t be like someone else, start a relationship with him/her. They love to share I love you images and like to date each other. 

Being with someone who has completely different opinions and beliefs means that you learn, perhaps inadvertently, who you really are at the same time.

You also find out which of your ideas and beliefs are strongest, how willing you are to push the boundaries and change or stay the same.

3. Curiosity is aroused

Oftentimes, we are just curious when it comes to someone who is not like us. In other words, we are often drawn to opposites because it gives us the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity for a different way of life.

People are often drawn to something new and exciting, to different and unfamiliar people. It is very easy to be attracted to someone who is very different from anyone we have met.

4. Risk attraction

One of the main reasons people with different personalities are attracted to each other is the risk factor that such relationships entail with them. You risk your values.

Your cultural upbringing, and especially your heart, as you take that step and enter into a relationship with someone completely different from you. And we all know the risks are exciting.

It gives your life at least a small dose of adrenaline that many need. When you meet a man who shares your interests, personality, and behavior, your relationship can get boring after a while.

5. We like to provoke

One of the main reasons opposites attract isn’t because of how they look, nor because the opposite sex is passionate or has strong beliefs. No, it’s because of that “what people are going to say” factor.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, sometimes we just want to challenge everyone around us and be with someone who everyone thinks isn’t good for us.

It’s provocative to see someone our family and friends don’t think is socially acceptable. In this situation, you and that person are against the whole world. And it’s very exciting.

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6. We want to take up the challenge

When opposing characters meet, both partners have the opportunity to experience life from another person’s perspective.

If one partner enjoys sports, going out, and socializing, and the other prefers to stay home and enjoy a movie, it can spark curiosity for new things.

It may seem like an obstacle to finding common interests, but all of this can make the relationship very interesting and both partners can benefit from such challenges.

Of course, the question arises as to how long such a relationship will be interesting. At the start of the relationship, the differences are really very interesting.

7. Passion is very intense

Conflicting personalities also mean a lot of chemistry and passion. Partners believe in their feelings for each other, their ideas, their education, their emotions, and their thoughts. Everything is heating up, as they are constantly trying to explain or defend their way of thinking.

Sometimes this type of stubbornness can cause incredibly passionate and emotional chemistry between two people. It’s that feeling that even if someone bothers you, you’d rather hug and kiss them passionately.

Where does the problem come from ?

The problem arises because people ignore the values ​​that guide them in life and the beliefs they hold.

Therefore, they do not have a precise guide on what to recognize in a partner. Whether in life or in business.

Over time, they just sense that something is “biting” them and that discomfort grows until it reaches a critical point and dissatisfaction explodes. No.

Travel has always been helpful in building trust so sometimes it becomes important for couples to go for a tour and plan their days between dates for enough time.

This does not necessarily mean that such connections are doomed to fail.

On the contrary, many of these relationships turn into long and successful romantic relationships, but also into marriages.

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