Is Liposuction Right for Me?

Liposuction is a procedure used to remove fat from the body surgically. The advantage of liposuction surgery is that it balances the contour and shape of the body. It can give a person the shape that they desire. The treatment is also known as the fat removal technique.

Liposuction Surgery candidate

Many people go through this procedure each year so that they could get the desired shape of their body. It not only improves the shape of the body. But it also helps people fit into any type of jeans and dress.

Not everyone is suited for this surgery. There are a couple of characteristics that a person need to have in order to be considered for the surgery. Below is the list of these characteristics:

  • People with good skin elasticity and who have no sagging problems are considered the perfect candidates for the surgery. However, the skin should have a good tone so that it could blend in the new contours of the body.
  • People who have fat stored in the chest, neck, thighs or belly and won’t go away even with excessive exercise and diet. The bodies of people with these characteristics can get their fat removed and get their desired contour.
  • Liposuction surgery in Dubai works best on patients whose body is near their ideal body weight. This procedure is used to reduce the local fat stored in a person’s body. Patients with the most positive results are happy with their weight even before the surgery.
  • It is good for people whose body is not balanced meaning some parts of their body has more fat than others. So to balance the overall body that excess fat has to be removed to return the body to its natural structure.
  • People who have no serious illness or disorders that can hinder their healing process should be non-smokers and must have the hope of positive outcomes from their procedure.

Conditions Which Limits the Effects of Procedure

There are some conditions that can limit the effects of the procedure and would not give the result you desire. In the end, your surgeon will decide the procedure that is going to be used on you depending on your body shape and condition.

If you have loose and sagging skin then don’t get your hopes up because the goal of this procedure is to remove fat and won’t do much good in improving the appearance of sagged skin. Other procedures are used to improve the sagged skin such as tummy tuck etc.


Liposuction surgery is a procedure used to improve the overall shape of the body. And it can make you look more fit and slim however it should be kept in mind that it is not a weight loss process. There is a chance that overweight patients might lose some weight. But most of the time, the people going under the procedure are already satisfied with their weight.

The characteristics described above are important for the desired body shape outcome of Liposuction surgery.

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