How to fix scratches on the car?

Although turning to sheet metal professionals is always the best option, there are scratches that you can repair at home and save a few dollars. With daily use of the car it is not easy to keep the body in perfect condition. A bump when parking, a brush, a scratch … What driver does not like to show off a car without damage to the paint?

Here we tell you how to remove scratches from the car with a little time, patience and skill, and thus avoid having to take the car to the workshop, with the expense and time that sometimes entails.

The advice we give you below is valid as long as they are shallow scratches (that have not removed all the paint). Otherwise, it will be necessary that you go to the professionalism of an expert in sheet metal and paint so that the car is like new. In this case, you can go to any of the EUREKAR workshops, with the RACE guarantee.

Keys to remove and repair car scratches

Juan Manuel Llorente, RACE technical trainer, explains that in the market you can find different products to make those imperfections in the car that you like so little disappear.

Using polish or polish to repair scratches on the car

It is one of the most used methods and that gives the best results. It is a mixture of natural and synthetic products that help improve the appearance of surfaces. There are polish or polish with different levels of abrasion, so, depending on the type of friction, you will have to start using from higher to lower abrasion until it is perfect. To do this, you have to help yourself with a microfiber cloth or a specific sponge, it is not essential to use a polisher.

It is important that you choose good quality products because poor quality products can be more abrasive with uneven granules that can cause more harm than good. Its price is between 10 and 30 dollars.

Markers, pencils and paints to remove a scratch on the car

To remove the most superficial scratches you can also use markers, pencils or paints the color of the body of your car.

Before applying any of these solutions, it is important to wash the bodywork well with soap and water, and dry it with a clean cloth.

  1. The pencil or marker repairs scratches, which is between 5 and 20 dollars, is the most comfortable and easy to use, although it must be taken into account that it does not remove the mark, it only hides it. To handle it, you must be patient and work on the detail, painting little by little. If not, the result will leave much to be desired.
  2. For a better finish, you can resort to applying paint directly on the scratch. For this, you must ask the body worker to prepare the mixture according to the paint code of your vehicle (it is an alphanumeric code that is usually under the hood, in the engine compartment, or in the wheel well under the trunk). Once you have it, you just have to clean and dry the surface well, check the pulse and apply it with a fine brush. You can finish the job by applying wax and polishing the area.
  3. Another more innovative solution is spray paint, which is very easy to apply. Before using it, cover the area around the scratch with masking tape and apply the spray in layers until the scratch is well covered.

As you can see, you have several solutions to repair car scratches; however, if you want to avoid risks and obtain the best results, RACE always recommends you go to the services of a professional. In this case, we recommend you go to any of the EUREKAR workshops, with the RACE guarantee.

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