Google Ads: What Are They?

Google Ads, short for GoogleAdvertising, is an advertising medium that can be used on many websites. They work on a similar principle to what you may know about advertising online. 

Basically, you want to show ads that best fit the user’s search query. Google Ads is one of the most powerful Adsense products and the most popular search engine advertising model in the world. Because of its popularity and reach, many webmasters have used it to boost their profits.

If you are looking to use Google Ads in a manner similar to many other advertising services, and don’t want to learn the ins and outs of Adwords or other advertising platforms like the various Facebook advertising services, then it’s best to read on.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the advertising medium that can be found in the search bar of any Google search. As shown in the diagram above, the ads that are shown are ranked based on the advertiser’s bid price per click, their bid price per impression, and wherein the search results the ad appears. 

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This type of advertising is very similar to much other advertising media:

The Advertiser provides a product or service that they want to be shown to website visitors. 

Their job is to determine what keywords to use for the ad to best fit the product/service or what keywords to target to make sure that people are exposed to the product or service.

The Advertiser places a bid on those keywords to pay the search engine to place their ads in search results. The ads will appear near to the top of the list when the searcher is on a page that contains a search bar.

In order to maximize the ad’s effectiveness, the Advertiser will set their bid price to pay for a click on the ad. However, they may also set their bid price per impression, so that they will pay regardless of whether or not the searcher clicks on the ad.

The Search Engine will then do some research to determine where the ad should appear in the search results based on keywords and bid prices set by the Advertiser. It will then place the ads in those positions.

So, how do advertisers use Google Ads?

There are many variations on what an Advertiser may be looking to achieve with Google Ads, but the way the medium functions is the same.

The most common type of ad is called a “landing page.” This type of ad will show a Google Maps page with information about a specific location. In the example shown above, it would be a website that displays hotel rates in Vancouver, BC. 

If the Advertiser knew that there was a large number of people searching for “hotels in Vancouver” then they would place an ad on a Google search results page that directed people to a website where they could find details about the Advertiser’s hotel.

Another common type of ad is a search box ad. When you search Google, Google shows a small box above or below the results. 

This box contains text that links to a page on the Advertiser’s site. In the example shown above, the ad was for an online dating website. When you click on the ad you will be redirected to a website with more details on what the Advertiser offers.

There are many other types of ad that Google Ads offers as well. In this article, we will only be covering these three examples.

Other important features of Google Ads

Search network advertising is very targeted. While Advertisers may be able to target their ads based on age, gender, income, interests, etc., one of the benefits of AdWords is that you can target those people who are actually searching for something on Google.

As such, it is usually more effective to use AdWords with keywords that are specific to the product or service you are advertising, rather than broad.

When you pay for an AdWords campaign, Google creates custom ads to display on the Google search results page. As a result, the ads are usually highly relevant to the keywords you choose.

Google AdWords is an Internet marketing program that allows businesses and individuals to create ads on the Google network. 

An AdWords advertisement, known as an ad, has a landing page (or advertisement) where people can click and are taken to a search results page. When people click on your ad, the Google ad platform delivers a unique code to your website.

Google automatically creates keywords and/or ad groups for you based on the content of your website and the search term(s) used to request your ad. Ads are displayed based on how well Google believes you’ll perform on that keyword, and they’re ranked based on the bids and other metrics of those ads. 

A successful ad will have clicks, which is a number that is tracked by the Google system. Clicks are not as important as other data Google collects, but they can be a signal to increase your ad budget.

You can get the best results from Google’s platform when you use the same ad and landing page for both AdWords and Google’s other paid search programs, like Google Shopping. 

When you use this approach, Google creates ads based on what you do in Google Shopping or what you do on the Google search results page. If you want to learn more about Google Shopping click here.

I will be working on another Google AdWords article in the coming days, but until then I’d love to know what you think about this platform, so leave a comment or click on any of the share buttons below to help spread the word.

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