SEO may seem to be a horrible job. But is it really so? No. It’s super easy if you check the latest SEO trends that search engines follow, namely Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and all. Yes, we are coming up with optimization waves in 2022. Also, it will change the game of rankings, organic traffic, and online visibility. You’ll come near to the vein of SEO life by understanding these trends deeply.


What will be the SEO scenario in 2022?

Every year there are numerous changes in the algorithms made by Google like BERT, Mobile-first indexing. The main motive of Google is to serve its users better, and 2021 is no exception. Further, Google announced several improvements in its algorithms in the forthcoming year 2022, which will blow user experience to the level best.


You must be viewing tiny bit changes in the Google search but may not be paying close attention to it. But, it is vital for SEO managers, web admins, content marketers to remain updated on these developments. It will help you stay ahead of the competition and lead the herd with proactive steps.


Top trends that will rule the SEO industry in 2022

The SEO focus is narrowing down to the most fitting information for the visitors. Let’s find out how:


#1 Embrace Google MUM 

There are so many languages in this world. When they put their queries on Google, they must be having different feelings, intent, and context behind it. So, Google is getting smarter by shifting its main algorithm for Natural Language Processing(NLP) from BERT to MUM (Multitask Unified Model).


How is it a different deal for you? Well, MUM is 1000 times more effective than BERT. Google is experimenting with it since August 2021. It will count on more than 75 languages to deliver results. The best part is it will get information from multimode like video, images from the web to solve complex search results.


Now, let’s talk about its implication. A user in the Philippines can scan the book in English and convert it into a convenient language like Tagalog. Other than that, if a video in Japanese has a more relevant result, Google will extract text from there.


# Page experience changing terms

Google launched full updations for giving the best page experience to the users. Core web vitals remain at the top position as strong search signals. Its value is LCP(Largest Contentful Paint) as loading time must lie within 2.5 sec.


Next, FID (First Input Delay) when the user first interacts with the website after giving a command in 100 ms. How much time a website takes to become visually stable as Cumulative Layout Shift as 0.1.


But, do you know there is even more to it? No intrusive interstitials! You must avoid unnatural links, unnecessary popups, and spam comments. SEO services help you stay away from bad UX parameters and update your site as per the latest webmaster recommendations to improve rankings drastically.


# Give explicit shopping experience

The major player in the shopping industry was Amazon. It’s not the same anymore. Google has merged with Shopify.


Shopify is an eCommerce online platform that empowers whopping 1,700,000 businesses worldwide. So, Google is monitoring very close users’ requirements, market trends, user demands, and apt product descriptions.


Also, Google is adding attractive features like open cart tabs in Chrome, loyalty benefits to loyal customers, and finding great deals like discounts in search results.


# Haven’t you heard about passage rankings

Well, passage rankings are something new in recent months. Google is getting more specific about zero-search results. Also, it will change website rankings in the time to come. No doubt, web crawlers takes URL, title, headings, and URLs to govern indexing and displaying results. But now, it is a different ball game. Google even looks at words within the paragraph and shows it in ‘bold.’ So, structured data will become more than necessary.


# Journey is shifting from HTTPS to HTTP/2

HTTPS is the crucial factor for telling Google that your website is secure. The next preferred condition will be the HTTP/2 certificate. What is its benefit? It will decrease Google crawling time and make the website more secure and faster.


# Video key moments are becoming the new normal

You must have seen in some YouTube videos providing their video timeline. Google has started video key moments that show what happens at which moment. It makes it easier for users to see only what they desire. You can include clip markup by manually adding the data. Otherwise, the seek markup will aid automatic markup from Google intelligent crawling on video.

Final words

By implementing recent SEO developments, you’ll be able to maintain your SERP rankings, improve your position in your market, and get maximum conversions. If you’re from the eCommerce sector, stay in touch with the Google merger with Shopify to improve the user shopping experience.

You can’t miss out on Google Mum in its effort to interpret natural language effectively. Further, voice, videos, and images are no exception to leave out upon. So, be on your toes to leave lasting impressions in the market.

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