11 Easy Halo Hairstyles Hair Extensions For Fall

Easy-to-achieve fall hairstyles 

Fall is a beautiful season brimming with warm fall outfits, attractive fall hairstyles, and more holidays than we can handle. Fall is the season for reinvention, and it only makes sense to start with your hair, which may be one of the most defining aspects of your appearance. Whether you’re looking for a quick everyday hairstyle, a basic yet elegant holiday ‘do, or a complete makeover, we’ve got you covered. Are you ready to add some of the top fall 2021 hairstyles to your inspiration board? Below are 11 easy hairstyles for fall that you can achieve with your natural hair and Halo Couture hair extensions. 

1. Stylish Pigtail Hairstyle 

The double pigtails for fall

To be honest, we haven’t given much thought to pigtails since we were kids. Nonetheless, some of the industry’s most brilliant hairstylists hinted at the hairstyle’s impending comeback early this season, and the number of celebrities donning the look has been steadily increasing since then.

The pigtail hairstyle is effortless and perfect for an everyday look. Use a bundle on each pigtail to attain length and volume, and you are good to go!

2. Beautifully Braided Tendrils 

Braided tendrils 

Another popular fall hairstyle that has taken over social feeds is teeny-tiny braided tendrils. We love the ’90s idea of braiding your hair in the front to frame your face, but you can do it however you choose for a playful three-minute look.

Oh, don’t be afraid to play with accessories for this easy fall hairstyle. Hair Couture halo extensions are perfect for this hairstyle-you will have a ton of volume to your hair as the braided tendrils frame your face. 

Tip: Keep the braided tendrils loose and use clear elastic bands to secure the plaited sections. 

3. A Neat Ballerina Bun

Neat and classy ballerina bun 

The ballerina bun is both a classic and practical hairstyle. An ultrahigh bun will bring emphasis to your face shape or a particularly eye-catching makeup look, and it’s a fashionable way to get stray strands off your neck and out of your face.

We recommend switching your standard bobby pins with handy bun twists that effectively seal your appearance regardless of your hair texture to ensure your bun stays in place all day.

Also, you can use a reverse headband to make your fall bun hairstyle stand out!

4. Chic Headband Braid Hairstyle 

Chic braided headband hairstyle 

This is one of the season’s best new looks. Pictures of versions of this trendy and simple to create style have been sweeping the internet!

Separate your bangs and plait them into a little braid, then tie the ends behind and curl the rest of your hair.

5. The Clip-Back With Claw Clips 

Twist bun with a claw clip 

If a bun and ponytail aren’t your style, try a clip. Revive the claw-clip obsession, which has been slowly but steadily making a reappearance.

Use a variety of colorful pins and barrettes to keep your hair in place. Both appear put-together and festive for the fall season, yet they take very little effort and upkeep.

6. The Half-Up Hairstyle 

The half-up with a jumbo clip 

A traditional half-up style is a simple way to enhance your hair game for fall, regardless of your hair’s texture, length, or cut.

It’s the ideal hairstyle for showing off your fringe even if it’s still growing out, but it’s also suitable for those without bangs to keep everything up and away from the face.

Use a ponytail extension from Halo Couture hair to add volume to your half-up hairstyle and create waves or curls to define your hairstyle. 

7. Mesmerizing Mermaid Waves 

The mermaid waves for fall 

Do you want extra body, bounce, and structure to your hair without using a curling iron? Rippling bends and large, mermaid-Esque crimps are the perfect and easy hairstyle for fall.

You will achieve faster, more consistent waves with large-barreled crimpers than you would with other heat-styling tools. 

This mermaid wave hairstyle looks stunning on both long and medium-length hair.  Halo Couture hair extensions are a great way to add length to your short hair and flaunt this beautiful mermaid waves hairstyle for fall. 

8. A Bubbly Ponytail 

Bubbly bubble ponytail hairstyle 

Would a compilation of hairstyles be complete without a few fantastic ponytails? It’s a simple fall hairstyle that you can dress up or down, regardless of the placement of your ponytail. And we don’t mean it in a figurative sense.

Thick, braided hair ties are ideal for optimum strength and grip with no pulling or breakage.

9. Stylish Jumbo Braids 

Jumbo box braids 

If you’re searching for a fall hairstyle, then jumbo braids are a great option. Jumbo braids have the advantage of being one of the quickest protective techniques available.

You can protect your hair from the weather and take a break from styling your hair every morning in a short amount of time. Use an autumn color like auburn or cherry red to experiment with this style, and don’t be afraid to change your parting pattern.

Try triangles or the highly popular cupid heart-shaped part if you’re up for a challenge. If in doubt, a tried-and-true winner is the basic box parting.

10. Face-Framing Tendrils

Gigi Hadid-inspired look 

When you’re pressed for time, focus on the hair that frames your face. This bubble tendrils hairstyle is basic, yet it does precisely what it sets out to do. 

Recreate this gorgeous and easy hairstyle with clear elastic bands for a subtle look. You also have the option to mix and match colors for a vibrant look. 

11. Loose Side Braided Hairstyle 

Loose side-braid for fall 

This easy-to-recreate loose side braided hairstyle is a popular fall look. If you have long hair, we recommend this hairstyle. Halo Couture hair extensions for short hair will assist you in achieving this stunning look in no time.

Loosen the braid for the ultimate easy fall look. 

Fall is the most beautiful season, and with these 11 hairstyles mentioned above, you will be able to create and flaunt a ton of new looks this fall. Try any of the hairstyles: from mermaid waves to face-framing hairstyles curated just for you!
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