How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon in 2021

Finding high-demand products with low competition is key to building a profitable Amazon business. The right marketing strategy that targets key customers and maximizes conversions is key.

Amazon’s Top Sellers Rank

Bestseller rank refers to a number or metric that is associated with each product sold on Amazon. The Amazon bestseller rank is directly related to the number of product sales.

Amazon updates the rank every hour based on sales calculations. The rank #1 product means that it has sold the most products in the category in the past hour.

Amazon’s bestseller rank doesn’t take into account customer feedback, reviews, or positive reviews. It is based solely on product sales and can vary depending on the marketplace.

How do you use Amazon Best Sellers Ranking?

Amazon Best Sellers Ranking is a great way to search for a profitable product. You will be able to find products that are in high demand and could make you money if you choose them as your products.

The product you choose should have a lower sales rank than 2000, but not more than 5000. A product with a rank greater than 5000 is considered low-demand and will not sell as many products on Amazon.

How to find Amazon products that are profitable

You can find great products here, no matter if you’re a new seller or looking for a profitable product to add to your Amazon store.

To make a profit, let’s first look at the ideal products that Amazon FBA can sell. Here’s a list of the ideal products:

  • High demand products
  • Products that are less competitive
  • Strong profit margins for a product
  • Products with low seasonality can be sold throughout the year.
  • Simple to make products
  • Products that are small and light in size
  • Prices between $18 to $50
  • Products with a BSR of less than 5000, or that sell at most 10 products per day.
  • It is easy to source products that are fast and simple.
  • It should not be associated with any trademark or brand name.
  • Good products from multiple manufacturers don’t depend only on one supplier.
  • Look for products with no legal issues.
  • Avoid fragile products

Find the best sellers on Amazon (Manual Method).

Amazon marketplace lists the top-selling or best-selling products across every product category. To find high-demand products that are not yet being sold by Amazon sellers, you need to do extensive research.

You can find Amazon’s bestseller list here

  • Navigate to a category like Jewelry or Kitchen Products.
  • Select Bestsellers from the horizontal menu. A list of 100 top-selling Amazon products will be displayed.

Amazon updates its best sellers ranking every hour. Amazon’s top-selling products also get updated every hour. The BSR information for each product will be at the bottom.

An Amazon third-party seller will use information from Amazon’s top seller’s list to help them grow their Amazon business and increase profits.

Amazon is best used for manual research. You can see what the top sellers are doing to make their products successful by checking this manual.

You can see the differences in product optimization, keywords used, feedback, and reviews between top-selling Amazon products.

Take a look at the comparisons and take note of the key findings. Take note of the added benefit or feature that makes your product more profitable than others.

Software is available to obtain accurate data (Automatic Method).

With the aid of accurate data, this is the fastest way to obtain Amazon product hunting results. It will take time and effort to go through every bestseller list on Amazon.

This software platform has everything you need to run an Amazon FBA business. An All-in-One software platform offers many benefits including cost savings and advanced tools. We are referring to SellerApp.

Find Your Niche

Make sure your online store is focused on one product category. Do not try to be Walmart, Target, or other retailers and offer products in many product categories. Make sure that all of your products fit into a specific niche.

While a site that focuses on camping gear might be fine, one site that focuses on lightweight and small-sized motorcycle camping gear is better. It is better to have multiple sites with just a few products and a single focus, than one site with many products and a lot of related products.

It’s easy to sell products

Easy to sell online products must solve a problem. They can be shown in a short video that is less than a minute, cost-effective, and small enough to avoid high shipping costs from China to the US.

A Unique Approach to Solving a Problem

Online sales of products that solve a common problem and offer unique solutions are most lucrative.

Many sites were set up to sell common products, such as masks, face shields, and sanitizers, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some sites, however, focused on using ultraviolet light to kill the Covid-19virus. They offered boxes with UV-light-based lights that could be used to disinfect keys and phones.

If you create a product that solves an issue in a unique way, you move beyond the commodity realm and into a new market. Products that solve a problem and are AC- or battery-powered sell at higher margins.

Promote with video

Customers need to be able to explain how a product works before they buy it. The best way to show how a product solves particular problems is through video.

These videos are easy to produce and require no narration. These videos should not exceed 45 seconds in length and must include a call to action.

It must be affordable

The higher the item’s price, the more research the buyer will conduct to justify the purchase. Online buying habits of men and women are different.

Weighing and size are small

Amazon Prime has changed how online orders are received. All online orders now come with free and quick delivery.

An online Fulfillment by Amazon store (FBA) has the advantage of being able to use Amazon’s low-cost and fast shipping options. Shipping rates for small online stores will be more expensive.

You need to be able to control shipping costs, which can often exceed the product’s actual value. You can keep shipping costs low by choosing items that are lightweight and/or padded.

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