QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Card Reader

QuickBooks’ card reader is a one-of-a-kind feature of the accounting software. Other term for that is the latest GoPayment EMV chip mag stripe. Are you interested in learning more about the QuickBooks card reader?

Meaning of EMV Technology- Describe in Detail

Credit card firms have lately released a new chip technology it will be included in all credit card. EMV is the name for this method (Electronic Money Vault). Automobiles will now only come with a “smart chip” that encrypts all sales information.

EMV was established with the objective of making all transactions safer by making credit and debit cards extremely secure to use. Fraudsters will find it much more difficult to use the cards now.

Payment is performed by putting the cards into QuickBooks Credit Card Readers, which provides a novel user experience. The new, secure platform has already been adopted by several of the major credit card providers.

What is QuickBooks GoPayment EMV Chip Reader?

The latest card readers are built to handle payments fast and safely. QuickBooks just launched a new version that is compatible with a wide range of EMV-enabled card readers. Without a doubt, the GoPayment Card Reader is one of the most commonly utilised payment readers. This reader’s goal is to make money processing simple and secure. Because your consumers are using new EMV-based credit cards, you’ll need to upgrade your EMV-based card readers. If you wouldn’t have any EMV card readers, you could find yourself in a sticky situation. If you don’t have any EMV card readers, you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

You will be charged a fee if you accept a forged or stolen card with the help of a magnetic strip during a transaction. The EMV Chip Reader for QuickBooks GoPayment helps a lot!

It is usually advised to utilise the QuickBooks Card Reader. Both EMV chips and magstripe media are supported by this QuickBooks card reader. Both Apple and Android technologies have been tested and certified to operate with this chip reader. Simultaneously, the chip reader was created to operate with the present GoPayment application. Inserting it into the phone is a breeze.

There may be a few points to note before you start utilising QuickBooks Go Payments. The following are the items:

  • Highs – It includes a merchant account, enhanced account stability, and synchronisation with all other QuickBooks products. It’s conceivable that the user’s processing constraints aren’t visible.
  • Lows: Users without a subscription are unable to view Sales reports. If you’re an established user, choose whether you need logical integrations or just in-person card payments.

Things You Need to Consider

  1. The accounts of up to 50 persons can be combined.
  2. Keeping track of monetary transactions is simple.
  3. Give a description to your unique transaction amount.
  4. You may accept payments using a card reader.
  5. Card payments are manually entered (No card reader is required)
  6. To perform transactions, a credit card image is utilised.
  7. Enable receipts by email and SMS.
  8. Taxes, gratuities, and discounts are all items that may be monitored and added.
  9. Accept e-checks as a payment method.

Learn How Everything Works

QuickBooks GoPayment allows merchant services to take credit cards via a card reader that links to a simple payment app on your electronic device in the most recent version (Mobile or Tablet).

Unlike any third-party application, Go Payments includes a comprehensive payment processor for credit card processing (Square, Paypal, or any other). It improves account stability and allows you to readily identify your transaction limit. As a result, there is extremely minimal risk of having a payment problem.

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Download QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0

You have the option of paying for the card reader up front and dealing with pay-as-you-go transaction fees, or paying a monthly charge expressly for lower card rates. This method is regarded as a stand-alone solution. Because it’s designed as an add-on for existing QuickBooks customers who want a seamless accounting connection for handling financial reports and making in-person payments.

The app makes it simple to accept all transactions straight away because it is entirely synchronised with QuickBooks software rather than being tied to any other application.

Accepting all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCard, is the card reader’s primary purpose.

Based on your QuickBooks membership, payouts take one to three business days to reach your bank account.

QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Bluetooth Card Reader

  • The Bluetooth Reader would be used to link to every payment application: The battery weighs 44 g and can handle 115 transactions when fully charged.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the minimal operating system required (or an upgraded version).
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Plus must be connected to a computer via USB.
  • USB charging cables may be used to charge both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards.

Go Payments with QuickBooks accounting software is a hold alternative that does not necessitate the usage of any other apps or QuickBooks desktop users.


1. Give a Step by Step Description of Using the Intuit GoPayment App?

  • Bluetooth should be enabled on your smart phone.
  • You must now push and hold the key on the card reader’s side.
  • Wait till the light turns green from red.
  • Sign in to your GoPayment account.
  • Choose “More” and then “Hardware” from the drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Card Readers.”
  • Then choose “Bluetooth” as a device under the Type column.
  • Check to see if your card reader is turned on.

2. Which Card is Required for QuickBooks Readers?

The user receives a new card reader that leads when installing from intuit. You may need to share your QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe Card Reader. EMV chips and magstripe credit and debit cards are used in these card readers.

3. How Do I Go About Purchasing a Card Reader for QuickBooks?

  1. From the GoPayment app’s home screen, select Menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose “Settings.”
  3. From the drop-down option, choose “Order Card Reader.”
  4. Locate the “Add to Order” option for the order you desire and choose it.
  5. Learn everything there is to know about Card Readers.
  6. Choose the “Numbers of Readers” you’ll require.
  7. Take a look at the method after that.
  8. Follow the on-screen steps to finish your purchase processing.

4. How is a Regular Credit Card Different From a Chip Card?

The major distinction between a magnetic strip credit card and an EMV chip card is the high level of protection. If your credit card is lost or stolen, QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Card Reader they may easily manufacture a phony credit card with your credit card information using your magnetic strip.

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