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Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial Asbestos is more common in older facilities. Building damage such as water leakage or fire may affect asbestos-containing materials and pose serious health risks to residents. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to serious diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. An average of 5,000 people die every year. Asbestos is often found in older building materials, such as:

  • Popcorn roof
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Shingles and roof
  • Tile and floor glue
  • Dry wall or sealant
  • Insulation of pipes, stoves, or attic

Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial CORE Group is one of the best asbestos removal companies in the country. We remove asbestos from stadiums, commercial buildings, industrial land, military bases, hospitals, power plants, schools and universities, government offices, and residential buildings. The Asbestos Pollution Control Team has some of the best safety data in all areas in which it operates. CORE has a very competitive “Experience Modification Rate” (EMR).

The process of reducing asbestos emissions includes:

Formulating a plan

Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial The emission reduction contractor will develop a plan detailing how to deal with, prepare and clean the area. The work plan contains all federal, state, and local laws that emission reduction companies will comply with in the emission reduction process.

Correct distinction

Once the plan is created. Your contractor will clearly delineate the hazardous area and ask everyone to leave the area until cleaning and cleaning inspections are completed. Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial

Create a supervised work area

The contractor shuts down all pipes, turns off the air conditioner, and covers all untreated areas with thick plastic wrap, plus air pressure drop and filtering. Then check the construction site before removing and repairing asbestos to ensure that it has been properly prepared.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal contractors use procedures such as hand tools and wet methods to remove asbestos. The contractor must wear protective clothing. Respirator to ensure protection from pollutants. Asbestos is disposed of in sealed garbage bags and placed in decontamination facilities.

HEPA vacuum cleaner

The contractor uses a special vacuum cleaner in the process of removing asbestos to minimize the dispersion of asbestos fibers. Pass air when working and cleaning surfaces.

Final cleaning

After removing all asbestos, wetting all surfaces, and vacuuming with HEPA, a final inspection will be performed to ensure that everything meets state and federal requirements. Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial The work area remains isolated until all cleaning tests are completed, and the work area meets the cleaning requirements.

After cleaning

After the project meets the cleaning standards for asbestos removal, the contractor will remove all protective barriers and use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean the work area again. Our repair and removal experts have extensive knowledge and training to effectively and safely remove asbestos. From your home or office building. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and health of all passengers during the asbestos removal process. Call us now and our restoration experts can ensure that you receive high-quality asbestos removal services. CORE service providers are the leaders in the commercial services industry and are equipped with the largest and most state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles, equipment, and resources on the market today. CORE team staff, supervisors, and technicians are trained in all facets of both commercial structures, as well as the commercial services industry and can handle any sized job, anytime, day or night.

Powered by a state-of-the-art claims management platform, CORE is pleased to be the choice of High-Net-Worth, Private Client, InsurTech & Commercial Property Insurance Carriers. Here to help you get through life’s toughest moments, the ONCORE Repair Network is home to North America’s finest property restoration service providers & specialty contractors, Core Group | Asbestos Abatement -Core Commercial whose only job it is to give our clients the peace of mind that when disaster strikes, their policyholders and customers will be well taken care of.

CORE’s disaster recovery & restoration professionals have the equipment, experience, and expertise to completely restore any property to its pre-loss condition. Our services are fast, unobtrusive, affordable, and skillful without any setbacks. Our reputation for quality, honesty, and integrity make us the best choice for restoration and repair services for many customers across North America. Our clients appreciate the fast and professional manner in which we get damaged residences and businesses restored back to normal.


Home & Property Restoration
Uniquely Catered to its’ Inhabitants

While some managed repair programs allow carriers to reduce cycle time, they often leave the insured feeling unfulfilled, and subsequently seeking alternative solutions for insurance. The CORE Private Client program measures cycle time, repair costs, and provides a comprehensive quality assurance process, while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and eliminating any potential risk to the brand and reputation of the carrier. CORE’s business model is unlike anything else on the market today, and offers exceptional property damage restoration contractors the ability to be a part of a premier service offering, to align themselves with an organization that believes in operating with the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality, and integrity, and all, without giving up their independence.  

Water Damage Restoration and Repair

The CORE Group deploys our teams of water damage restoration specialists across the country. We know the importance of a quick response and successful strategy in a water mitigation company plan. Our water damage mitigation process evaluates three criteria to determine the best course of action:

  • Property damage
  • Containment
  • Replacement costs versus restoration costs

The time it takes to complete a water restoration service can vary due to various factors. However, a quick inspection may reveal areas may feel damp to the touch. Almost all building materials such as wood, drywall and flooring are porous and therefore retain water. This trapped water can cause materials to crack, warp, or damage mold.

Mitigating water damage must done quickly and efficiently after any type of water ingress. To reduce the potential damage caused by water after a leak or flood. Standing water become more contaminated the longer it left untreated. The risk of microbial growth and damage to the contents increases the longer you sit. Hence, water mitigation is an essential part of any water damage recovery plan.

The ingress of water into buildings can be extremely destructive. Without sufficient water withdrawal, decontamination. Drying can have long-term effects that can affect the building, causing permanent structural damage and numerous health risks.

Proper recovery from water damage is an essential part of recovery if your home or business affected and effective. It is important to act within the first 24-48 hours to minimize the possible effects of water damage.

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