The Bad Effects of Computers on Health –

The Bad Effects of Computers on Health

Computers are almost now an “inseparable” object of many people in the process of working. It is universally and widely used as a labor tool by all of us. But many people do not pay attention to the bad effects that it brings, the following article will show you.

Risk of hemorrhoids

Sitting a lot is a common cause of hemorrhoids, in addition, experts also said that if you sit for too long and a diet lacking in fiber will help the disease quickly find you more because sitting a lot will cause you to lose weight. stagnation of blood circulation in the body, especially in the lower extremities, easily leading to poor mobility, edema, poor blood flow to the brain, so you often feel dizzy when suddenly standing up. As a result, blood is blocked in the digestive tract, rectal pressure increases, making hemorrhoids easily arise.

One study showed that sitting for too long increases the risk of hemorrhoids by 72.9%, while this figure is 43%. Therefore, if you are an office worker, you should get up and move around every 45-60 minutes.

Affects sleep

Before going to bed, many people have the habit of using the computer next to them and watching movies, then fall asleep without turning off the computer. This has a great influence on your brain, leading to the inability to sleep. Sleep deeply and soundly and often feel headache and dizziness after waking up because your brain has had to endure the impact of electromagnetic waves and thermal radiation from the computer. Therefore, you should turn off the computer before sleeping and it is best to sleep away from the computer to protect your health. If it is too difficult to sleep, you should buy more sedative functional foods to ensure sleep for yourself. Do not waste money on health, moreover, there are many discount codes, coupons that will help you save money.

Shoulder and back pain

Normal people, if they sit down for more than 3 minutes, will fall into a tired position or can’t sit up straight as at first. Sitting for a long time will create wear and tear in your joints, greatly affecting the spinal ligaments when having to place a large amount of weight on the shoulder and back muscles for long periods of time. Also, when you’re in front of the computer, you’ll naturally have to stretch your neck forward while focusing, putting stress on your neck and shoulders.

A Penn State study found that sitting in front of a computer for at least four hours can increase pressure on the discs in the lower back. This compression can lead to a herniated disc, an “occupational disease” behind back pain for people who sit too long in front of a computer. So get up and move.

Causing belly fat

Any job where we have to sit continuously for many hours will cause excess fat in the abdomen, especially office workers. This is not a headache for women alone, but even men are quite concerned. To be able to combat this unwanted “growth”, you should limit your calorie intake, but not too little. Instead, choose healthy foods and regularly drink water, drink green tea, participate in health training activities, especially if you use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Affects beauty

You will have dark, wrinkled, tired, and lifeless skin, … compared to people who rarely use computers even though you have tried to compensate by supplementing with healthy foods by the waves. The electromagnetic radiation from the computer can attack the lymph, causing an effect on the waste removal process of the body’s tissues. If this condition persists, the skin will not only be dark, old, and ugly but also make the skin prone to acne and cause a very unpleasant body odor. So, after using the computer, you should take care of your skin before going to bed to make sure your face is always beautiful. You should use facial cleansers to clean and filter acne, should buy reputable facial cleansers to ensure quality, don’t worry about the price because you can use discount codes, coupons to save money when buying.


Have you ever decided to do something on your computer but surfed the web, Facebook, email, etc. before you started doing what you wanted to do? According to psychologists, they assert that there are many factors on the computer that will distract and distract us, cause a decrease in work efficiency, besides it also causes amnesia as well as amnesia for the user. To avoid these troubles, you should define your goals clearly and then make the principles work for yourself to avoid the mesmerizing distraction.

Decreased eyesight

Currently, when technology is developing more and more, we cannot help but recognize the convenience that computers, Ipads, smartphones, etc. bring. However, if you sit and use them for too long, your eyesight will become tired, strained and the risk is very high that it will lead to dry eyes. Especially in young children, parents should avoid letting their children be exposed to technology devices too early because it is likely that they will develop eye diseases when they grow up.

Reduced oxygen absorption

The difference between sitting and being active is the ability to absorb oxygen, when you sit for too long you will use less energy in your body, this leads to you often breathing shallowly, and when this condition lasts. , your lungs will reduce the ability to absorb oxygen for the body. In particular, when the ability to absorb oxygen decreases, it will lead to a series of declines of organs such as the digestive system, internal organs, and brain as well as muscles. We should not sit at the computer for more than 5 hours a day to ensure health and spirit to operate healthily.


Our lives are more and more attached to computers. But if we stay with it, we may be “killing” ourselves. We hope that after this article, you will use your computer intelligently to protect your health.

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