How does DVT Compression Pump work to prevent leg swelling?

The demand for compression therapy is rapidly expanding globally due to the increase in DVT cases. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a fatal infection that damages not only lower limbs but this disease is the direct result of heart/lungs malfunctioning. Pulmonary Embolism and Lymphedema can also occur due to chronic wounds in the leg of the victim. DVT happens when the natural blood circulation system gets damaged due to any serious health issue or lower limbs muscle injury.

To avoid any of these unfavorable situations such as inflammation or ankle pain, physicians and hematologist prescribe compression therapy in the early stages of DVT. The DVT Compression Pump for leg swelling is nowadays considered among the top best products for treating blood clots and foot soreness.  The main mystery for those people who are unaware of compression pump’s principles is how these medical devices manage to prevent severe pain in the legs after proper use? The answer to this dilemma will be explained when the major purpose of DVT pumps is explored.

What is the purpose of the DVT Compression Pump for lower limbs?

The key objective of using compression devices is to decrease the impact of lower limbs’ swelling infection. The reason for buying a DVT compression pump for leg pain is that it can help to treat several diseases in their primary stages and normalizes the blood flow system. They help to cure ankle issues and provide comfort to the user who is suffering from intense pain.

The decreased level of muscle movement or bed rest due to surgery are prime factors of blood clots storage in the deep parts of the lower limbs. This immobility encourages the piling of lymph fluid or blood cells in the veins that acts as a barrier for fluid circulation.

The DVT Compression gear manages to exert firm pressure on the veins by increasing blood velocity to improve muscle pump and increases tissue healing. This therapy helps to relieve pain and aid cleaning of obstructed valves.

Components of DVT Compression Pump Device

There is four equipment of compression devices that are compulsory for lower limbs therapy. These are soft fabric sleeves, air-pipe, pressure pumping device that comes with programmable features and a rechargeable battery. To get expected results, try to buy medically approved products that come with long-lasting batteries and durable sleeve material.

The sequential or gradient segmented DVT Compression Pump is considered the best in the market. The traditional non-segmented continuous or intermittent compression gear is now slowly getting extinct because of its unfavorable performance. First research properly and get those compression footwears that wrap properly on the user’s legs and FAA approved for travel.

Functioning of DVT Compression Pump for blood clots

The compression gear works by generating a consistent graduated level of pressure on the muscle walls of lower limbs and constrict the volume of blood vessels to force blood upwards and downwards. There are many pressure range categories but physicians or podiatrists suggest using 30 to 40 mmHg level for quick positive outcomes. The rhythmic pressure helps to shift blood away from the swollen leg and the pressure range which is adjusted by the user manages to copy the natural circulatory system.

The sequential DVT Compression Pump working is unique compared to continuous pneumatic garments. In the segmented pumping process, the pressure starts from the extreme lower end (from foot/toe) and moves slowly towards the proximal end (calf/knee). This procedure continues for more than an hour or users can pause the device if they feel uneasy. When the patient feels relaxed or can walk easily without sensing any pain under the heel of the foot it means compression gear worked ideally.

The rubber gloves must be used to wear the garment for avoiding any ripping of the material and buy the new sleeve after five to six months for the best experience. The fitting of sleeves and product’s effective working is extremely crucial for positive results.

Purchase the best DVT Compression Pump at an affordable price

Medshoola company is the leading medical brand of compression products suppliers in the U.S.A. Their unique compression garments include socks for athletes, stockings for pregnant women or elder people, and pumping gear for home use. Medshoola DVT Compression Pump for leg swelling is considered best in the online market because they are designed for easy use and optimum results.

Other features include;

  • One Button Activity

Any customer young or old can easily work with the Medshoola DVT pump and the user interface is smooth to operate with no complex system.

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric

The air-breathing fabric used in Medshoola compression gear keeps the moisture away from the user’s legs and maintains the dry environment inside the sleeve.

  • Long-lasting Battery

Medshoola battery has a long-life rechargeable battery which helps to save cost and time.

  • Universal Size

There are three sizes-small, medium, and large for men and women in multiple colors to provide customization which is rarely observed in other brands. Medshoola sleeves fit effortlessly on any person who bought the right size. The size chart is also available on the online site.

  • Lightweight Sleeve

The feather-like fabric helps to maintain the muscle shape and prevent any skin breakdown or muscle rupture problems.

Visit the site and avail benefits after buying Medshoola DVT compression pump at a low price.


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