What are the steps to install Windows 10 from its ISO file

Windows 10 is a popular OS with millions of active users. In a new Windows device, the user gets Windows 10 as an inbuilt OS. But when you are using an old device and want to use Windows 10 then you have to upgrade the operating system. Users can update the OS by using the CD, flash drive or by using ISO file. You can upgrade the OS on your device using any method. But before installing Windows 10, you should check the requirements.

If you’ve only discovered this problem, you should begin your troubleshooting search by making sure your Internet connection is working properly. Then wait a couple of hours and try the update again. While you wait, it is a good idea to restart your router/modem to force it to reassign its DNS settings. If the problem was really server-side or incorrect network settings, it should be fixed automatically and the update should install correctly.

Minimal resource requirements for installing Windows 10

Processor 1 GHz or faster

Free Hard Drive Space: 32GB or more

RAM: Minimum 1GB

Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible

Display: Minimum 800 x 600 pixels

Installing Windows 10 using ISO file 

For installing the OS, you have to boot the PC using the ISO file with Windows 10 installation. You will get a message on the screen after a few seconds. The user has to press any key for continuing the process. After following those steps; the user will get the Windows 10 logo on his screen. 

Users will get the Language wizard

Select your language

Enter the time and currency format

Users can check the setting and make the changes accordingly

Tap on the Next button

Click on the Install now 

Wait until the setup start installing

Users will get the Product key wizard on the screen

Type the product key for Windows 10 and hit the activate button

If you don’t have the key then tap on that option

The copy will get activated later

Now the user has to select the Windows 10 edition he wants to install

After selecting the edition, you will get the Windows 10 license terms page

Read the page and tap on Accept button

Hit on the Next button

Now the user will get the installation type option

Tap on Custom install

Users will get the where to install option

Select the drive for setup installation

Select the Next button

The setup install will take some time

If you have the SSD on the system; the setup will get installed quickly

After the installation, the device will reboot automatically for running the first time configuration

Tap on the Restart now option

You will get the Getting Ready message on the screen

Sometimes users may have to restart the device a couple of times. Users don’t have to worry as it is very normal while installing a new OS on the device. 

Steps for customizing Windows 10 installation

After rebooting, it will ask for the location. Choose your region and then hit the Yes button. On the Keyboard layout option, hit the Yes button. In case the user needs the secondary keyboard then go to the next setup. Now check the internet connection on the device for a new update. If the new update for Windows 10 setup appears; install it now. After updating, you will get the setup up option. Users have to choose whether the system is for the organization or person. Select the option and then set up your email for completing the configuration.

Errors in upgrading Windows 10

After completing the installation process, users can easily run it on the device and start working. But many users reported that the OS is working smoothly but they are unable to update it. Wherever the user runs the update; the process fails. When you see the Windows update error 0x80070422 on your screen; check the internet connection. If the network is not stable, your update won’t install correctly. Check for a better network for the system. Another reason for getting the update error is malware infection.

If you have viruses, they prevent the device from making any changes. Whenever a user installs a program or updates, they will try to interrupt it. Users have to use security software that can remove dangerous viruses from the system. After removing all these malicious threats, go to the update and security page. Run the update of the OS. Users should also check for the hard disk space. Increase some free disk space so the Windows update can get installed properly.

Certainly, we hope the above methods have been successful in helping you overcome the error and update your Windows. If you are still having this problem with a valid Windows license, you should contact a Microsoft representative. Some users have reported that this particular error code was fixed after Microsoft rectified their Product Code.

If a Microsoft technician confirms that your license code is valid, he should pay attention to your hardware. As stated above, the error message indicates a network outage. This could very well mean a bad internet adapter or a bad cable. If you have a dynamic IP, you can also try calling your ISP and asking them to set up a static IP for your machine.

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