Travel Tips to Spend an Exciting Weekend in Taipei- Taiwan

Taipei has always been a traveler’s choice for spending some quiet time from the bustling Taiwan city. Filled with charming markets, Ye shi, also called the night markets and the hotchpotch of Sino Japanese influences, Taipei keeps up with the charming pace of life and attracts tourists from all over the world. Everything in Taipei is affordable. and the offbeat roads to find amazing restaurants and bars will take you to the best of what Taipei has to offer to its guests. Spending a weekend in the capital city of Taiwan is confusing with so many options for exploring. Some of the travel tips for spending an exciting weekend in Taipei are listed as under:

  1. Sidebar

If you are a gin lover, these two-story garage bars are going to set you up for the weekend. Built on a 30 years old site, this bar is one of the most cosmopolitan gin cellars in Taiwan. And Spanish, Japanese or British gin, simply name it and you will get it. Find a relaxed environment perfect for drinking. Also, for people wanting a more private area, the concealed room behind the main lounge area sets you up. Chris Cheng is the founder of this place and from Classic London Dry to Wakame infused varieties, Sidebar is the perfect resort to a crazy weekend.

  1. Have bubble tea at the place of its creation

Taiwan is famous for its invented bubble tea which people seem to be loving. Bubble tea is usually iced tea but it is very milky and sweet. Along with that, bubble tea is served with boba which is tapioca pearls. This boba adds up to form nice textures and you get something to chew even while drinking. The Taiwanese are very much curious about textures of food and chewy textures give them happiness. 

  1. Breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk

If searching for breakfast anywhere in the Food Capital of Asia, you have to come to Fun Hang Soy Milk for a cheap and delicious breakfast. It provides the best of Taiwanese breakfast at around USD 3.6 and you get heavy breakfast at such a low amount. The main attraction in the place is the breadstick sandwich. The Pancakes and soy milk are equally satiating. 

  1. Trip to Jiufen

Jiufen is an amazing former gold mining city and is a famous place just an hour from Taipei. It provides some wonderful attractions and the quaint mountain town is home to stinky tofu and peanut ice cream rolls. American Airlines Reservations provide packages to spend the exciting weekend and include tickets to famous monuments. The famous Amei tea house cannot be missed when in Jiufen. 

  1. Bath at Beitou Hot Spring

During the Japanese invasion of Taiwan, the Japanese founded the hot spring village in the Beitou district called Xinbeitou. Taipei has this solidarity hot spring resort. Refresh your mind and energize your soul by taking a bath at these hot springs. 

  1. The charming Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the famous landmark here with the tallest building once upon a time. The Starbucks at Taipei 101 is the highest Starbucks to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. The elevators will take you to Floors 81-90 to the grandest observation decks to see the whole bustling city of Taipei. Delta Airlines Reservations make it a point to include Taipei 101 in all its package tours. 

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  1. Street hopping at Raohe Street Night market

Raohe Street Night market has lined up food stalls and this market filled with hawkers, artists, and dancers might simply be the experience you are planning for the weekend. Try out classic Chinese desserts, pan-fried mini buns, tasty pork buns, handmade nougats, the food is incredible and delicious. You will find spots to sit in the market for enjoying your meals. 

  1. Hike at the Tiger Mountain Trail

It is a great hiking trail having stairs at the various point for providing you with beautiful views. It has long stairways. And there are many flatlands along the way. Enjoy climbing to relish the view of the trail. There are many paths to get you to get down the path. A good hiking trail around 2 hours long but with many resting points for people. 

After taking in some art, say goodbye to Taipei by hopping on a train from Taipei Main Station to Shifen Old Street. Pop into one of the souvenir shops to pick out a sky lantern – take your time in choosing the right colors, as each represents a different wish – and then adorn it with a blessing, release it, and watch your luck-laden lantern rise high into the Taipei night.but the museum’s collection of Ru ware from the Song dynasty is the best in the world. Don’t leave without stopping by the Zhishan Garden and the Chang Dai-chien residence.

Taipei is an incredible city to visit. Plan your next visit and bring back sweet memories from your trip! 

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