The Ultimate Guide to Choosing New Baby Flowers

Celebrating newborns has been a tradition since immemorial. Although there are several ways to do it, sending new baby flowers and gifts is the most popular way of appreciating a new mother or the parents of the newborn baby. A new baby always brings joy to the family. They are so cute and tender; you just want to hug them all the time. Welcome the new package of joy with wonderful, meaningful flowers. The best place to order and get these flowers is from an online flower delivery. The great new baby floral gifts are those that are lovely, have an uplifting scent, and colorful. Such a bunch will help to spread happiness to everyone in the family. 

Do you know anyone who has just delivered a new baby or is just about to deliver? If that family is close to you, then the best way to express your joy is by sending new baby flowers. With this ultimate guide, you will be able to select the best flower for the newborn baby. We have picked thoughtful new baby flowers and gifts that are bound to make the parents of the newborn feel happy and appreciated. You can include other gifts such as toys, stuffed animals, or new baby essentials such as diapers, bathing products, and others. Read on for more inspiration. 

What Types of Flowers Make Good New Baby Gifts? 

The first point you need to find out before deciding on which flower you want to send to the parents of the newborn is the child’s gender. This will help you out when selecting which kinds of color schemes you need to go for. The problem comes when the parents of the newborn baby decide that they don’t want to reveal the gender of the baby. If this is the problem, you need to go for new baby flowers with a gift with neutral colors that aren’t gender-based. These types of flowers include white, peach, red, yellow, orange, or cream flowers. Once you understand the baby’s gender, the next step is to go for flowers with a more subtle scent like sunflowers, irises, or daffodils. The strong scent of flowers should not overpower the new baby’s nose. 

Knowing which month the baby was born will also help you to understand which type of baby bouquets you need to send as newborn baby flowers. Each month has its unique flower with a specific meaning. Doing your homework to know exactly which month the baby will be born is another consideration that will make the floral gift extra special. 

Blue New Baby Flowers and Gift for Baby Boys 

It is traditionally known that the best flowers to send to a mother that has just given birth to a boy should be blue. For a new mother who has just delivered a baby boy, blue flowers will be perfect for such an occasion. The perfect flowers for new baby boys include delphinium, freesias, and irises. Blue flowers help to convey a message of tranquility, peace, and friendship. Pink, purple and pastel colors are always suitable for girls. Lilies, roses, tulips and carnations are popular new flowers in these colors. For babies, blue and yellow flowers are usually chosen. , Iris and Static are good choices for children. These kinds of attributes are what parents wish for their kids. To complement the blue flowers, you can also add a few blue balloons to your floral gift. 

Pink Flowers for a Baby Girl 

The traditional choice of new baby flowers is pink ones. Some of the best flowers available in pink include tulips, carnations, lilies, and roses. They will also look prettier with a few balloons to honor the new baby. Most pink flowers are best known to convey happiness, gentleness, innocence, femininity, and unconditional love. Combined with a box of chocolate, these new baby flowers will work quite well. They are the best flowers that we are sure any mother who has just had a new baby will appreciate. 

When Should New Baby Flowers be Sent? 

The best time to send baby bouquets is after the baby is born since telling when the mother will deliver quite tricky. It is perfectly fine to send new baby flowers days or even weeks after the mother has delivered. This means that the mother will have less baggage to carry from the hospital. It also means that the mother will be very surprised. 


As you’ve seen, picking the best type of is not that hard. Such flowers are readily available in stores. However, if you are looking for the best new baby bouquets that can be sent on the same day, online flower deliveries are the best places to order these flowers. Cosmea Gardens has a wide variety of new baby flowers and other types of flowers. 

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