Pack Your Product in Style Using Hexagon Boxes

Hexagon Boxes

As a company trying to make a mark in the industry, you have to choose the best options available for your product. To make a gift or a product attractive, the most important aspect to consider is the presentation. Especially if you are competing in the market for the sale of your product, looks are everything. Instead of going for the same old basic and boring shapes for your packaging, why not try something new. Hexagon-shaped boxes are the one solution for all your packaging needs. It gives your packaging the most unique and stylish look.

What are hexagon boxes?

Hexagon boxes wholesale are an exception from the traditional square or rectangular box packaging. These are six-sided polygon-shaped boxes with two ends. The lower end acts as the base in which the item is placed. Whereas the upper side is usually the lid of the box.

Hexagon box packaging material

Hexagon custom boxes are made out of packaging material of varying quality and thickness. The thickness and dimensions are selected to suit the product to be packaged. For instance, thin cardboard material is used for food items like cakes. Whereas for packaging more delicate or expensive materials like cosmetics, thicker and fewer flexible boxes are used.

The material used for making custom hexagon boxes is the same as used for making other packaging boxes. It is some variation of cardboard material whether cardstock or Kraft packaging material.

How are hexagon boxes made?

Hexagon boxes are cut into their characteristic shape with the help of a method called die-cutting. This technique uses a machine with a die or sharp razors to cut out the cardboard material into shape. The places which are to be folded back to make the hexagon are marked on the hexagon box walls. This helps to form the accurate shape of the box.

The second step of the formation is printing. After cutting the box into shape, the material of the box packaging is printed with exquisite colors and prints. This adds to the look of the boxes and makes them more attractive and beautiful. The coloring on cardstock material is more vibrant and vivid. The coloring of Kraft material however is a little dull. This is because much of the colors absorb right.

Kraft Packaging Material

The Kraft packaging material is made primarily of wood pulp. The best color that can be used for printing on Kraft paper is black. Hexagon boxes can be made to look more presentable by having a window cut out on top. this gives a beautiful display of your product without having to open the box. This window has a piece of transparent plastic paper that lets the buyer have a peek. This way it will be difficult to ignore your product on the market shelf.

Shipping of Hexagon Boxes

Custom Hexagon boxes are shipped as flat sheets of cardboard or cardstock material. After shaping the cardboard by cutting it via die-cutting technique, they are shipped without making them erect. This flat shipping method helps save a lot of storage space and shipping costs for shipping the boxes. It is, therefore, best to get wholesale hexagon boxes for your product. This is a very convenient method especially when you are a product vendor and need a large number of packaging boxes.

Where do we use hexagon packaging boxes?

Hexagon boxes provide us with the most exclusive and unique style of packaging technique. Owing to the sleekest and modern design of this box packaging, these boxes are used for packaging all kinds of different products.

The most widespread use of hexagon boxes is gift packaging. Hexagon gift boxes are being most widely used for the purpose of presenting gifts on all kinds of occasions. Due to their beautiful design, you do not even have to cover the box with gift paper to make it look more pretty. you just have to grab a pre-made printed hexagon box and put your gift inside. This will surely put a smile on the face of your loved one. Custom Hexagon boxes are even used as wedding favor boxes due to their classy look. Hexagon boxes with a pop-up closure the best choice to surprise your loved ones on their special day.

The use of hexagon boxes for retail purposes is becoming increasingly popular. If you are new to a business and you want to promote your business, there is no better way to do it than to select this packaging box. This box will make your product look 10 times more attractive and eye-catching.

The packaging alone will make the buyer want to select your product over other alternatives available in the market. You can pack your cupcakes, doughnuts, candies, and other bakery products in cardstock hexagon boxes. They are also a great choice for the packaging of beauty and cosmetic products. Such products need an expensive-looking packaging box and hexagon boxes are exactly what you need. These boxes can even be used to pack your personal soap brand products to make your soap stand out.

Complete the look

After selecting hexagon box packaging to pack your gift or product, you can add some other details. Inside the box, you can place paper confetti, which are thin strips of colored paper. Alternatively, you can fill the empty spaces on the sides of your product with colorful Styrofoam balls. These items will add to the beauty of your packaging and will also provide safety to your item placed in the box.

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