Love Poem For Her: 53 Beautiful Texts To Melt Her Heart

Love poems are a great way to win the heart of a loved one. Women appreciate beautiful, thoughtful love phrases, and I guarantee you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to become a pro at love poetry. In India, people love to share love Shayari as it is very much helpful to show real emotions of love by words. 

By sending love poems for no particular reason, but just to make your girlfriend, fiance, or wife happy, you can be sure that your loved one will appreciate you even more.

Since not all of us are good with the quill and not everyone is able to invent words of love for their sweetheart, we searched the internet among the thousands of famous romantic poems and beautiful messages. love to bring together the best.

Read on and find inspiration from our collection of the 53 most beautiful words of love to make your beautiful declaration of love.

Although these are not your own words, the most beautiful love texts that we have put together for you are perfect for expressing your love in a simple, yet sweet way.

I hope that among these most beautiful romantic phrases you will find THE perfect little poem to melt the heart of your beloved and that you will manage to express all the love and loyalty you feel for her.

So, whether you are still in the flirtation stage or already in a relationship, discover without further delay the most beautiful romantic poems to send to a woman!

What is the best love poem for a woman?

Well, the best love poem for a woman is the one that comes from the heart, but, if you are not good with words, take a look at the 6 most beautiful classic poems and find the one that best matches your love story! And if you are going to share by WhatsApp do not forget to use a fancy text generator. It would work like the cherry on the cake. 

1. Collection: Rays and Shadows by Victor Hugo

Oh ! when I sleep, come near my bed,

As Laura appeared to Petrarch,

And as you pass your breath touches me… –

Suddenly my mouth will


On my gloomy forehead where perhaps ends

A dark dream that lasted too long,

May your gaze rise like a star… –

Suddenly my dream

Will Shine!

Then on my lip where a flame flutters, A

flash of love that God himself purified, Poses

a kiss, and from an angel become a woman… –

Suddenly my soul will


2. Collection: Ocean verse by Victor Hugo

You see me good, charming and sweet, oh my beauty;

My faults are not turned on your side;

It’s very simple. Love, being light,

Turns the cave into a temple, the cottage into a palace,

The bramble into oleander and man into a demigod.

Such as I am, dreaming a lot and worth little,

I do not displease you enough for your mouth to

refuse Me a kiss, oh my fierce beauty,

And that is enough for me under the starry sky.

Like Petrarch Laure and like Horace Églé,

I love you. Without love man hardly exists.

Ah! I forget the country and the war at your feet

And I am nothing more than a distraught dreamer.

3. Sonnet of Philis by Honoré d’Urfé

Love no longer burns, or it burns in vain;

His quiver is lost, his arrows are bruised,

He has his stingers broken, their points blunt,

And his bow without virtue remains in his hand.

Or, without being an Archer of an uncertain profession,

He lets himself be carried away to higher thoughts,

Or his arrows are not addressed in our hearts,

Or, instead of love, they hurt us with disdain.

Or, if he makes people love, to love is something else

Than it was formerly, and the laws he proposes

Are contrary to the laws he gave us all.

Because to love and to hate, it is now the same,

Since in order to love well one must be jealous.

That if we love like this, I don’t want anyone to love me anymore.

4. She is cheerful and thoughtful; she makes us think of Victor Hugo

She is cheerful and thoughtful; it makes us think

Of all that shines despite dark veils,

Of woods full of rays, of nights full of stars.

The spirit on seeing her goes I don’t know where.

She’s got everything that can drive a poor man crazy.

Sometimes it’s a child, sometimes it’s a queen.

Alas! what radiant and serene beauty!

She has proud disdain, charming favors,

A soft and blue gaze under long dreamy eyelashes,

Innocence, and love which without sadness still

floats imprint on her forehead like vague dawn,

And then I do not know what of calm and victorious!

And the sky in his eyes puts hell in my heart!

5. I love you by Paul Éluard

I love you for all the women I haven’t known

I love you for all the times I haven’t lived

For the smell of the open sea and the smell of hot bread

For the snow that melts for the first flowers

For the pure animals that man does not frighten

I love you in order to love

I love you for all the women I don’t love

Who reflects me if not you I see myself so little

Without you, I see nothing but a deserted expanse

Between then and today

There have been all these deaths that I crossed on straw

I could not pierce the wall of my mirror

I had to learn life word by word

As we forget

I love you for your wisdom which is not mine

For health

I love you against all that is but illusion

For this immortal heart that I do not hold

You believe to be doubt and you are that’s right

You are the great sun that goes up to my head

When I’m sure of myself.

6. I love you by Michèle Brodowicz

A tender feeling stirs your heart,

Delicious torment in the secret of your soul,

At the edge of your eyes a woman’s face

Gives your eyes bursts of color.

When the dawn plucks the rose of your days,

That your lips kiss the milk of her skin,

Seek to guess her most beautiful dreams

You let your emotions follow their contours.

Your fingers, as light as a flight of butterflies,

Draw suns on the nude of her body,

Satine the mornings, change the nights into gold,

The dew in sighs, the cries in a swoon.

She is the wound, the balm, and the scar…

She loves you in silence, you love her in pain;

You are its future, you are hope,

It slips against you, your evils are annihilated.

Offer your forgiveness to his ragged soul;

She scratched herself at Time and its thorns

But the earth where she lives does not cry blood,

Its roots bathe in the water of your seasons.

You are his poem, the sweetest… I love you

His words roam; Believe her faithful heart,

You are her shore at each new dawn …

My sweet and tender love, know that I love you.

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