6 lifestyle rules to get even better every day

Our lifestyle and the behaviors we adopt on a daily basis are the basis of our health capital. There are a few simple rules to apply to readjust our lifestyle and feel on top of the shape. Follow the guide…

Healthy living is the set of measures intended to preserve and promote full health . It is about lifestyle choices. These choices are adopted because of their positive impact on our physical or moral well-being . 

It has a powerful impact on life expectancy . In fact, to fight certain chronic diseases, we can adopt simple rules of hygiene to get better on a daily basis. 

It is in daily habits that we will find the main solutions, thanks to a few small adjustments . These rules therefore deserve special attention for people with chronic illnesses. And must become the heart of everyone’s attention.

To have a good hygiene of life is to find a rhythm and a way of life which are good at the same time for the body, the mind and the social and family life . There is no miracle recipe or mode of life healthier than another.

Everyone is different and must find their own healthy lifestyle. The important thing is to know how to vary the pleasures in order to make your life as pleasant as possible.

When we recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle, we often talk about diet, body and sport. Of course, these are important pillars for a healthy lifestyle. 

In addition, there are some simple practices that will help us be on top of things. Here are some rules of hygiene of life that will allow you to get better on a daily basis.

1. Avoid standing too long

Prolonged standing can indeed lead to fatigue, leg cramps or back pain. Ultimately, this type of prolonged fatigue can lead to more serious problems in the joints or in the back.

We should not hesitate to take the slightest opportunity to sit down , even if only for a few minutes, and above all wear suitable shoes: neither quite flat, nor with too high heels (3 to 4 cm is a good average). On the other hand, wearing compression stockings is often recommended because they improve circulation from the bottom to the top by hugging the leg in the right place and with suitable pressure.

2. Look for freshness

The cold could prove to be the friend of little sleepers. When we sleep, our body temperature drops slightly and this is the key to restful sleep . Winter is therefore particularly conducive to healthy sleep. It seems that under the effect of the cold, the unwanted white fat would turn into brown fat, more easily removable.

A healthy lifestyle plays a role in a number of pathologies – Europe 1

The cold improves your blood circulation , reduces inflammation and pain. Refraining from taking hot baths is strongly advised. Cool showers should be preferred, in order to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

3. Always adopt the correct posture

Sitting can lead to many health problems such as: frequent pain or even arthritic disease (due to lack of flexibility), inflammatory disease, poor blood circulation, heart disease, increased body weight ( risk is 125%).

When you are in a seated position, you should never cross your legs. And when you have to stay upright, you avoid swinging the pelvis from one side then the other to distribute the weight of the body on one leg then on the other. We plant ourselves well in the ground, the legs slightly apart and the weight of the body well positioned in the center. The blood and lymph circulation in the lower body will be improved.

4. Walking… This is the basis of a healthy lifestyle

Walking, always the best medicine ! First, we have under the sole of the foot like a ball of vessels and nerves that we activate while walking. This stimulation improves venous return. Then the contractions of the calf muscles around the veins and venules perform a kind of massage that supports this upward movement.

Finally, walking has the beneficial effects : anti- stress , soothing, euphoric, improves weight control, relieves back pain, excellent for the joints and the cardiovascular system as a whole … But beware: to be effective, walking should be practiced regularly (at least 5 times a week), for at least 30 minutes (ideally 45), at a sustained pace.

5. Practice self-massage

We are never better served than by ourselves, nothing like self massages to do ourselves well and soothe our ailments. This practice acts faster, relaxes tension, relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation. Massage is always good for your skin, your skin gets more firm, which makes you look younger, and you get the confidence to say other how many days old am i today

If you have edema (legs and ankles are swollen), you can try lymphatic drainage. This massage, very codified in its gestures and its course, aims to revive lymphatic circulation when it is failing. Incidentally, the gestures of the massage (which is carried out from the bottom to the top of the body) encourage the venous circulation to follow the same path of improvement.

6. Stop smoking and alcohol for a better hygiene of life

Tobacco and alcohol are enemies of the venous circulation . We must try to stop smoking or, at least, reduce daily consumption. Cigarette smoke contains an impressive number of pollutants that the body (mainly the liver) must then deal with.

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the aerodigestive tract (mouth, pharynx, larynx, sinuses).

We can limit the doses to two glasses per day of good quality red wine. The combination of tobacco and alcohol can be particularly harmful as the consumption of one can increase the consumption of the other and increases the damage of smoke to the heart, considerably weakening the immune system .

A massage oil to lighten the legs

Three essences are associated in this preparation: the cypress of Provence which stimulates the return circulation; the juniper common to strengthen venous walls; and peppermint for its cooling effect.

  • In a dark or opaque bottle, pour 10 cl of calophyllum oil (or evening primrose). Add 20 drops of Provence cypress essential oil, 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 20 drops of common juniper essential oil. Mix well.
  • Morning and evening, massage your legs with this oil. Insist around the ankles if they are swollen, then on the calves, knees and possibly thighs.
  • Do this for three weeks. Repeat after a month of interruption if symptoms return.

Are there rules of hygiene of life that you respect on a daily basis? Tell us in the comments …

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