How Can You Learn Quran Online Amid Quarantine?

The widespread coronavirus has caused everyone to stay in homes. Hundreds of thousands of people are getting infected by this deadly virus while thousands of people die each day. To keep themselves safe, people are getting themselves isolated. The main purpose of getting isolated and keeping a social distance is to stop spreading the coronavirus. In this age of quarantine, a lot of people are lying idle in their homes and getting bored with nothing to do. But it is an ideal time to learn something new. You have a lot of time to build your skillset. The month of Ramadan is approaching. There is so much you can do in Ramadan which was difficult for you before due to your busy schedule. Although you cannot go out of your home, you can learn Quran online.

Despite the fact you cannot go out of your home, there is so much you can do. Do not despair and miss the rewards that this sacred month is bringing with it. The question is, what you can do in the month of Ramadan? How can you make this month effective for you while being in Quarantine? Keep reading to know how you can make this month the most effective one.

Prepare For This Month

There are a lot of things you can do in Ramadan to get the true essence of this month. You can not only do something for yourself but also help others in this difficult time. You should start your preparation even before this holy month begins. You should make the right intention to fast the whole month. Offer all the prayers and do not miss any prayer no matter how busy you are. You should give charity to people so that they can also arrange good “sehri” and iftar for them. Read and recite the Holy Quran as much as you can to get the blessings of Allah in this holy month. 

Complete At Least One Quran

The reward of reading every word of the Quran increases several times during the month of Ramadan. So why not turn this quarantine into a “Quran Time” and get the reward from Allah. It is very easy to complete the Holy Quran in this month. Even if you read one Para each day, you can easily complete the Holy Quran within this month. Due to quarantine, people are confined to their homes and have a lot of time. So it provides you with a great opportunity to read as much Quran as possible.

Understand With The Translation

Undoubtedly, reading the Quran is a great virtue. Allah has promised a great reward for it. But why not understand the meaning of what is written in this Divine book. It is even better to learn the Quran with a proper translation. It helps you to understand the message of Allah and you will see a significant improvement in your life after reading with translation. By doing so, you will come to know about the teaching of Allah and a true way of living your life.

You do not have to read the whole para if you do not have time. Even if you read a few verses and understand the meaning of these verses, that is enough. If you are interested in learning the translation of the Holy Quran you can also do it by taking online Quran translation courses. There are a lot of online Quran teaching academies that help you learn Quran translation in your own language.

Learn Quran Recitation

If you want to get the true essence of the Holy Quran, you should either listen to the recitation or recite it yourself. In my opinion, the latter is the better option. You should recite the Holy Quran to give serenity to your heart. If you do not know how to recite the Holy Quran properly, there is no problem. Despite that, you cannot go out of your home for learning but you can learn it at your home. You can hire an expert Quran qari to learn Quran online. You will learn about the rules of tajweed and their proper application while recitation which will improve your recitation. Avail this opportunity and become a proficient Quran reciter until the Quarantine ends.

Can I Learn Quran At Home?

Cannot go out of your home? No worries. You can learn the Holy Quran at your home. All you need to do is just hire an online Quran tutor. There are a number of different online Quran courses available. You can choose the course according to your interest and need. The most common courses include Quran memorization, Quran recitation online, Quran translation, and 

Quran tajweed course.

Taking online Quran classes will save you from a lot of hassles. The first and the most important thing to remember is that it is dangerous to go out because of coronavirus. If you go to a madrasa, there is a risk of getting coronavirus. So it proves very beneficial to learn Quran online as you do not have to go anywhere. Moreover, it is easy to find expert Quran teachers online which may not be available in your locality. Besides that, you can arrange classes according to your availability as most academies provide the facility of flexible timings.


The charity helps those people who hardly make ends meet. It helps them to arrange good Sehr and iftar for them. During the holy month of Ramadan, you should donate as much as you can to make life easier for poor people. You will not only get a reward from Allah but also get a peaceful heat after helping such people. 


The month of Ramadan is a blessing for all of us. So, we should try to get as many blessings of Allah as possible during this Holy month. Moreover, due to the quarantine, there is a risk of going out of home as you may fall prey to coronavirus. So during this time, it is an ideal opportunity to learn the Holy Quran by taking online Quran classes.

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