How Text Message Marketing Can Increase Sales

The modern world is rapidly adopting mobile technology and text messaging is gaining momentum at a very high rate. Your local competitors are aware of this fact, and we hope you are. Many companies, small and large, have started implementing text message marketing campaigns in their businesses. If you share customers with some of your local competitors, you may lose sales if they run a text marketing campaign and you don’t.

This effective form of digital marketing allows you to remind your customers that you exist simply by sending them occasional text messages. These messages can be coupons, special offers, or any other information you want.

As long as the information is valuable in the eyes of your target market, the messages will be well-accepted and effective for your business. If you choose to ignore this marketing flow, you are risking letting your competitors, who are using it, steal your business. Cell phones have long gone from being luxury items to being basic necessities in our lives. They have become a “must” in our daily activities. Therefore, text message marketing is a direct marketing strategy that gets you in touch with your customers instantly.

Are you having a slow day and want to get your sales flowing? Send a text message to your customers offering them a discount for a limited time.

Not only will this remind them of your presence, but many of them will act on your request.

All they have to do is come to your organization and show your employees the text message in order to retrieve it, which is convenient for them.

Long gone are the days when consumers have to remember to take a coupon with them to redeem offers; They will always have your mobile phone offers in their pocket.

Text messaging also helps you create a healthy business relationship between customers without going over budget. By sending short messages to your customers, you can build trust and credibility while giving them the personal touch they crave.

Get repeat local customers with SMS marketing

The secret to success for any business is to have happy and satisfied customers who keep the sales flowing. However, if your customers are not impressed with the services or products you offer, they will switch to your competitor without a second thought.

Small companies, unlike large companies, have a limited number of customers, so they have to work harder to keep them coming back. SMS Marketing is a simple and effective way to help you do just that.

Some view text messaging as just a way to make quick sales, which is a big misconception. The main reason small businesses use this type of marketing is not just to get instant sales from it; It should also be used as a way to keep customers engaged, updated and informed in a way that makes them want to do business with you again and again.

All you need in order to launch your campaign is the mobile phone numbers of your customers. SMS services (Short Message Services) allow you to send a single message to several recipients at a very low cost; Increase your return on investment by the roof.

text message maketing
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I will outline some scenarios of how a typical service provider can increase its revenue by promoting SMS marketing to its customers. I’ll illustrate this using a typical printing press sale. This can actually be any type of business service provider like a graphic design company, copy shop, signage store, marketing or even an advertising agency.

This is the first scenario:

You can have a client come to your workplace and commission you to issue an order for some printed marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, flyers, postcards, folders or whatever printed product you usually produce and sell.

This scene is procedural in nature. You are discussing with your customer what exactly they want you to offer them. You collect the payment, the order is delivered, and your customer is satisfied with their order and may refer a business partner to you for printing in the future.

This is the second scenario:

The same details apply to the first scenario, but with one minor change. Instead of just taking the request and issuing it to them, you can now introduce your customer to SMS/Text Marketing to improve and improve or improve the response rate and effectiveness of the materials they are requesting.

You demonstrate the marketing reach, response rate and ROI of the process and you can now sell that customer in an SMS/Text marketing campaign which can include, depending on their finances, creating additional services that you can provide directly or outsource. It can be a landing page to capture leads, a mobile landing page with QR codes to lead their customers or prospects there which will allow them to be able to track the effectiveness of their messages, etc.

Whether you own a printing or photocopy company, a signing company, an advertising or marketing agency, an architecture supply company that produces marketing materials for architects or you are a consultant. You need to read what you will discover here and take action on it.

You may have the following questions.

Why should your customers use SMS Marketing?

With SMS marketing, your customers can contact their customers or potential customers very quickly. Literally at the push of a button.

Text messages when requested, well written and relevant to the audience, can have a 98 percent open and read rate. If you’ve ever done any email marketing, you know that an email on a very good day will only get you an 8 to 22 percent open rate.

With SMS Marketing, a company can send out coupon offers or issue special announcements for events or offers that the company can choose to promote only for loyalty or what they can now call VIP subscribers. To get some ideas on ways to promote using text messages, you can visit our website and see some case studies and examples of how to implement for your clients or even your own business.

What can you do with QR codes?

QR codes stand for QR barcodes which can lead to many different destinations. They can be used to send text messages, contact information, or lead to a website URL destination such as a video tutorial, or even a survey or any other type of information. I usually drive a mobile website or mobile friendly destination where they are read using a mobile device. Although you may see that it is sometimes used incorrectly which leads to a normal website that is not mobile friendly. This is a huge mistake that many QR code users, including some very large companies, miss, but it can be easily corrected by your SMS marketing service provider.

QR codes are very easy to implement in any business marketing scenario. You can literally start it at no cost and it is a very good marketing strategy that you can offer to your clients.

QR codes can be placed on printed materials of all kinds. QR codes can be very interesting to use because there are endless possibilities for how to implement them. Use on labels, flyers, postcards, brochures, folders or any printed matter including premium products such as mugs or water containers.

When your customers scan a QR code with their mobile device, they need to land on a mobile-ready landing page. This is something you can do as a service provider to your customers.

With a landing page, you can start the very valuable process of creating a list of potential clients that they can market to over and over again.

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