How to Create the Right Coupon Popup on Your Website?

Popup Coupon Promotions are the best way to boost conversions and improve an email list. By using the discount coupon popup, you may also offer the appropriate discount to the best customers.

When using this promotion, your customers will feel they are selected customers to have a discount.

We have a lot of tools available for creating coupon popups, and also, nothing not effective. Having Opt-in Monster assists you in having coupons in the right way, waiting for the right audience at the right moment, and boost conversions.

 A well-created coupon will make your visitors feel unique with Opt-in Monster improved targeting way; you can create email Opt-in on particular pages

Steps to create the right coupon popup on your website

Create Your Campaign

 This tutorial will create a popup coupon that looks like this one from Bauble Bar. You use these technics as a starting point when creating your coupon popup.

 However, you must also know that we have tons of ways to customize this coupon. Here we are allowing a discount, although you can quickly offer free shipping.

So you have to choose a name for your coupon and the website where you want to show the popup. And press on the Start Building button.

 2 Customize Your Coupon

After pressing the Start Building button, you will be redirected to Opt-in Monster’s and drop campaign builder.

You will be provided with the editing tools to manage your coupon according to your opinion. You are then customizing your voucher, press on the Save part on the top right side of your phone.

When you want to add an image to your popup, you will do that by pressing on Add Block button. And, you can now drag and put the appearance of your choice.

Images are often best for attracting your clients, so ensure that you pick your shot correctly.

You may also decide to change the background appearance of your popup. To do this quickly, click on the home icon and press the Design tab.

Then, go to Opt-in settings and press on Opt-in View styles. you will find access to the editing tools faster that can help you do a lot of things like adding an image or overlay.

Then you click on the submit part, the Editing Fields Element menu will appear to the left. And you will have an option to remove the Opt-in fields and part formatting.

Setting Up Delivery of Coupon Code

When you have finished customizing your popup coupon promotions to boost conversions, you have to know how to deliver these coupons to your customers when they click on the subscribe part.

You may deliver it to your customers through Success view or via email. Use email service provider integration when you want it to be done automatically.

When using success view;

  • Write the coupon code on Success view and rewrite it in the similar way you have customized the other products of your campaign.
  • The other way, you can redirect your customers to the new page to get their coupons.

The success view is now the default part action, and your visitors can see every message you have edit in your Success view.

When you want to redirect your visitors to another page, you’ll require to change the part action. Press on the Action tab and choose Form Success Action in the dropdown.

Choose the Redirect to URL option and then place your URL in the Redirect URL part. This is the process how you can send clients to the checkout page that they can redeem the popup.

 When you have used your coupon link in the Redirect URL place, customers will get a coupon as they arrive at the site.

Publishing Your Popup Coupons

The final step is now to publish your discount popup coupon. It would help if you pressed on the publish tab and toggle the status part that makes it live.

To get your coupon on your WordPress dashboard, you should install the WordPress plugin. Now, you can log in to your WordPress dashboard, and visit Opt-in Monster then press on refresh options.

 Now you can check your coupon name and see when it’s live. Use the site-wide embed code by pressing the button.


That’s all for this coupon. Hope you have got the idea of how you can boost conversions website sale using Opt-in monster Popup. It would also assist you in improving your email list.

 Check out our procedure on engaging with ad block users to open lost ad revenue and know more information on using a popup to connect with your clients.

That’s it. Hopefully, you have gained some ideas into how you can make your coupon popup campaigns help to improve your business.

 Using Opt-in Monster, you can also use different ways and start converting more visitors into customers now.

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